These Pics Of Thala Ajith And Thalapathy Vijay At Each Other’s Weddings Will Make Your Day

This is going to make all Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay fans so happy!

Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay

Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay might be good friends in real life but their fans were definitely not even close to being on cordial terms on social media. The two actors joined the entertainment industry at around the same time and have been good friends ever since. In fact, they even attended each other’s weddings and these photos from their weddings is going to make fans really happy. Both the actors posed happily with their respective spouses and at each other’s weddings. Vijay got married to Sangeetha in 1999 while Ajith got married to Shalini in 2000.

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Check out these photos from their weddings right here.

Isn’t this sweet? Fans of the actors are constantly at loggerheads with each other but the actors have maintained a cordial and dignified relationship with each other throughout the years. Both have delivered super hit films like Mersal and Nerkonda Paarvai, which you can watch on Zee5. Ajith and Vijay are among the superstars who enjoy a huge fan base worldwide and are known to be extremely down to earth. While Ajith usually does not make a lot of public appearances, Vijay always leaves you stunned and impressed with his.

We would love to Ajith and Vijay star in a movie together. Now that would make a whole new record at the box office and make fans of both the actors the happiest, don’t you think?

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