Thiravam Episode 1 Written Update: Scientist Ravi Prakasam’s Life Falls In Danger

Ravi is kidnapped outside the court premises by unknown people. When he escapes, a gangster attempts to kill him. How will he escape from this?


Due to the lockdown mandated by the government to protect us all from coronavirus, we are all confined to our homes until further announcement. For added entertainment during this period, ZEE5 has made many of its premium original series free-to-watch. Log in to ZEE5 every night at 9 pm to watch a fresh episode of the 8-part series, Thiravam, the story of a small-time scientist, who claims to have invented a herbal fuel. Scroll below to more about Thiravam.

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In the first episode, a case is filed against a small-time scientist Ravi Prakasam claiming his herbal petrol to be a scam. After Ravi’s female lawyer proves that it is a false claim against his client, the judge gives his verdict citing Ravi Prakasam to be innocent. He also warns the opponent’s advocate not to waste the court’s time with baseless claims without any proof. Then, Ravi and his lawyer give their statement to the media waiting outside the court. Later, Ravi’s lawyer gives him a train ticket and asks him to go to meet his family and live with them for some time. As the lawyer gets a call from her father, she moves aside to attend it.

Meanwhile, Ravi Prakasam gets kidnapped outside the court premises by Vetrivel’s goons. Somehow he manages to escape their hold only to be caught by a gangster (who is hired by Das Anna), who attempts to kill him. Vetrivel and Das Anna are the negative characters of the show who want to take advantage of Ravi’s skills and execute him. Once again, Ravi manages to flee the gangster with his presence of mind and returns to Vetrivel’s goons as he has no other choice. While the goons take Ravi from the highway to Vetrivel’s house. During their journey, Ravi pushes a man from the running car and jumps out. He manages to escape Vetrivel’s goons and finds a truck driver who gives him a lift till his village.

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Thiravam. The thriller drama revolves around the life of a small-time scientist who claims to have invented a herbal fuel that can create a revolution in the petroleum industry, posing a threat to the dominant oil-rich countries. Thiravam is a ZEE5 Tamil Original series starring Prasanna, Indhuja, John Vijay and Kaali Venkat. Stay tuned!

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