Thiravam Episode 3 Written Update: Baskaran Plans To Kill Vetrivel

Vetrivel is agitated when the political party leaders announce Baskaran as their electoral candidate. Who will win this political fight among them?


Previously on Thiravam, Das Anna, Baskar and Vetrivel are asked to join forces by an international gangster to find and kill Ravi. While hiding from Vetrivel’s goons, Ravi and his daughter fall from the tree and get hospitalised. Ravi’s lawyer Sadana meets him at the hospital and asks him about the formula to help him fight the case in court. He refuses to give her the formula as he figures that it might endanger his and his daughter’s life.

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In the third episode of Thiravam, Ravi plays hide and seek with his daughter Meenu in a stranded place. When he is unable to find her he starts worrying thinking about the goons abducting her. But he does find her and he tells her how she should be careful of her surroundings while hiding during the game.

Later on, Meenu’s grandfather, Shekar and Ravi’s best friend meet the father-daughter duo. Ravi’s friend returns to him a ring that he had borrowed from him when he was in financial trouble. They recall the time when Ravi was working on his experiments and how his friend had come asking him for money.

Meanwhile, Baskaran and Vetrivel fight each other during a meeting with their political party. Vetrivel is infuriated when the party leaders announce Baskaran as the electoral candidate and challenges the leadership. Baskaran and the party’s senior leader schemes a way to eliminate Vetrivel from the opposition.

Ravi recollects the presentation he gave in IIT about his findings and tells Shekar that is when his troubles started. He further informs him how his demonstration was received well by a lot of scientists initially. However, Ravi’s findings were opposed by the other scientists after they received a strange message from an unknown source. Shekar asks Ravi about the source of the message and holds it responsible for the trouble he is facing now. When Shekar asks Ravi about his doubts, the latter also wonders why someone is against his invention. Who is trying to stop Ravi from succeeding with his invention? Stay tuned to find out!

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