Thiravam Episode 5 Written Update: Dass Kidnaps Ravi From Panimalar’s House

Panimalar, who tries to save Ravi, is also attacked by Dass and she falls unconscious. Read the full update.


In the previous episode of Thiravam, Ravi’s best friend steals the herbal solutions and the formulas (that are used to cook petrol) from Ravi’s house. He then calls an unknown person to inform him that he has all the important documents and the solutions with him. Meanwhile, Ravi decides to leave for Chennai with his daughter. But before they could leave, Vetrivel’s men come looking for Ravi and his formulas but the latter manages to hide in his closet. However, they neither find Ravi nor any of his important documents and return to Vetrivel with nothing. After they leave, Ravi goes to meet Panimalar to talk about the hard disk with all the formulae in it, and tell her that his documents are missing. But seeing her getting intimate with Bhaskar, he leaves her house. Meanwhile, an unidentified person steals the hard disk from Panimalar’s house. She chases him but he manages to escape.

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In the fifth episode, Ravi Prakasam’s best friend demonstrates (using the solutions and apparatus he had stolen from his friend) Ravi’s invention to Dass. When Dass realises that his friend too can give a demo of Ravi’s experiment, he kills him. He sets him on fire. Meanwhile, Ravi gets a call from Panimalar, who informs him about the hard disk being stolen. Ravi immediately rushes to Panimalar’s house and they check the CCTV camera to identify the thief. On the other hand, Dass, who has the formulas and solutions, submits it to an international industrialist (who hired Dass to execute Ravi). However, the industrialist tells him that these formulas and solutions can be created if the scientist is still alive and so, he asks him to get Ravi and not these documents. While Ravi and Panimalar are trying to figure out who has stolen the hard disk, the former receives a call and is informed about his friend’s death. As Ravi panics and rushes out to see his friend, Dass and his men reach Panimalar’s house and kidnap Ravi. Panimalar, who tries to save Ravi, is also attacked by Dass and she falls unconscious. Will Dass execute Ravi or manage to escape him? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Thiravam. The thriller drama revolves around the life of a small-time scientist who claims to have invented a herbal fuel that can create a revolution in the petroleum industry, posing a threat to the dominant oil-rich countries. Thiravam is a ZEE5 Tamil Original series starring Prasanna, Indhuja, John Vijay and Kaali Venkat. Stay tuned!

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