Thiravam Episode 6 Written Update: Bhaskaran’s Men Kill Das

Das takes Ravi to his hideout pours petrol on him. Will he kill Ravi?

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Previously on Thiravam, Senki demonstrates the experiment to Das but realises that the latter is planning to kill him. Senki is burnt alive by Das when he doesn’t agree to demonstrate the experiment again. Meanwhile, Panimalar tells Ravi that the hard disk with important documents has been stolen from her house. While Ravi tries to figure out who could be the thief, he receives a call informing him that Senki has been killed. Just as Ravi rushes out to go and see Senki, Das comes to Panimalar’s house and attacks them.

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In the sixth episode of Thiravam, Bhaskaran finds Panimalar lying unconscious on the floor when he comes to visit her. After regaining consciousness, Panimalar narrates the sequence of events ending with Das kidnapping Ravi and shows him the CCTV footage. Bhaskaran figures out that Das was the one behind the attack and sends his men to kill Das and save Ravi. Meanwhile, Das takes Ravi to his hideout where he had killed Senki earlier.

He pours petrol on Ravi’s body and tells him that he burnt Senki alive as he was trying to protect the latter. As Ravi sobs for his dead friend, Bhaskaran’s men arrive on the scene, bashing Das’s men one by one. In a quick shootout, the men kill Das and save Ravi from the hideout. At a different location, Sadana and Ganesh meet with Gaja and Vetrivel’s henchman to get information about their interest in Ravi.

The goons tell Sadana that several people are behind Ravi and also inform them that Vetrivel is in big trouble for chasing the latter. Meanwhile, Bhaskaran and Panimalar take Ravi to the party leader’s house, who offers him protection. Bhaskaran’s party leader also gives Ravi another chance to demonstrate the experiment in IIT.

Sadana approaches a policeman named Edward to learn more about the threats on Ravi. She is shocked to find a laboratory at Edward’s house and gets caught by the latter while she tries to collect evidence against him. What will happen to Sadana? Stay tuned to find out!

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