Thiravam Trailer Review: Prasanna Looks Impressive As He Steps Into Ravi Prakasham’s Shoes

In the timeframe of hardly over a minute, the trailer speaks of many things and sure looks promising.

Thiravam Poster

Thiravam is a web series that is all set to launch tomorrow, May 21, on ZEE5. This series marks the entry of Prasanna and many other prominent actors like John Vijay, Kaali Venkat into the arena of OTT platforms. Another intriguing factor that is a part of this series is the fact that this is director Arvind Krishna’s directorial venture. Arvind who has been a part of the film industry has worked as a DOP of many famous movies.

Watch the trailer of Thiravam.

The trailer of this much-anticipated series is interesting. The trailer opens with an aerial shot, where we see a black car that rushes into the wilderness, followed by a group of media personnel who seem to be waiting in anticipation. Followed by the sudden appearance of a man who is standing in a black shroud that covers his face. The shot then shifts to a journalist who informs us about the infamous case of Ravi Prakasham.

Later, we see the set up of a court where we see the announcement being made about an apparent fraudulent named Ravi Prakasham, who seems to have invented fuel from plants. In the following shots, we see actor Prasanna decked up as Ravi Prakasham. In the series of shots that play in front of us, we see the life of Ravi Prakasham unfold.

Ravi Prakasham
A still from Thiravam

We see that there are many events that are shown in an overlapping manner. While a part of the trailer focuses on the political and corporate criminal minds, the other part focuses on Ravi Prakasham’s personal life. In the midst of these events, we are also shown some bits of what seems to be Ravi Prakasham’s discovery, which is eco-friendly fuel extracted from plants.

So, in the time-frame of hardly over a minute, the trailer speaks of many things and sure looks promising. So, be prepared for the launch of the series! Meanwhile, do not forget to share your opinion in the section given below.

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