This Deed By Strawberry Shake Actor Sumeet Raghvan Proves That He Has A Heart Of Gold

The actor recently rescued two animals amidst the ongoing lockdown. His posts will truly move you!

Sumeet Raghavan - Strawberry Shake

Celebrities have been making the most of the time they are getting during the lockdown. Some of them are engaging themselves in doing various productive activities like cooking, painting, writing, and so on. Some others are spending quality time with their family and are using this as an opportunity to bond with their loved ones. But Sumeet Raghvan is spending maximum time in the company of animals. The talented actor is a true-blue animal lover and his Instagram account speaks for the same. Sumeet is often found feeding stray dogs and fostering pets. However, what truly moved us is that the actor was recently involved in rescuing two animals in two consecutive days. Isn’t that amazing?

Watch Sumeet’s short film Strawberry Shake here.

Amidst the lockdown, the Strawberry Shake actor rescued a cute little kitten that he found abandoned on the premises of his apartment. Sumeet brought her home and cared for her until she was healthy. He shared a couple of photos of her on Instagram and trust us, you will go ‘awww’ on loop after seeing them!

Sumeet was also involved in rescuing a female Asian Koel which he found entangled in a manjha. The actor revealed that the bird was struggling to get out of it and even tried to bite him. However, with the help of his friend, Sumeet managed to calm her down and free her from the rope. The actor gave her some water before letting her fly out in the open. Sumeet confessed that he loves being a part of such activities where he can do his bit for animals. The actor was showered with love and appreciation on social media after these two back-to-back rescues. His noble deed has also inspired us all to care for our fellow creatures, hasn’t it?

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