This Poem Dedicated To Broken But Beautiful Is A Must-Watch To Heal Your Broken Heart

On the release of Vikrant Massey & Harleen Sethi's new ZEE5 show Broken But Beautiful 2, we found a poem by Priya Malik that will cure your heartbreak

Broken but Beautiful Poem by Priya Malik

Just last week, ZEE5 released a new and much anticipated series ‘Broken but Beautiful 2‘ with Alt Balaji. This show, starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi, has received massive appreciation from the audiences for it’s touching portrayal of falling in love and falling out of love. None of them could be more beautiful than this poem dedicated to Broken But Beautiful by actress and spoken word poet Priya Malik.

Watch a snippet of her poem here, backed up with a soothing acoustic guitar track.

This poem is the right balm for people whose hearts have been broken in love. This touching poem that lasts a little over 3 minutes acknowledges that there is a risk in falling madly in love with anyone. However, it lifts up spirits of people going through heartbreaks and tells them that a broken heart can become beautiful again.

The poem describes how you should take your time and let your heart heal in it’s own natural way by comparing it to the Japanese art of Kintsugi where broken pieces of pottery are joined together with gold or platinum. It ends with a positive message asking the listeners to not be afraid of falling in love or lose faith in love even if it fails once twice or multiple times.

Watch the trailer for Broken But Beautiful 2 before you watch the heart-warming series on ZEE5.

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