This Sunday Let Your Kid Watch ‘Krishna: The Birth’ Animated Film On ZEE5, Streaming Free

Teach your children a fun lesson in Hindu mythology by watching this small 70-minute film Krishna: The Birth on ZEE5 Kids = Non-stop BachFUN

The #Lockdown is a tough situation and everyone sitting at home is bored. To come out of this quarantine healthier and happier one must turn to healthier activities for the body like exercising and eating healthy food, and for the mind, like reading, solving puzzles and watching interesting content! To keep yourself entertained is the way to keep yourself happy. The adults can turn to web series and young adult dramas like Never Kiss Your Best Friend, Poison or reruns of ZEE TV shows like Pavitra Rishta and Kumkum Bhagya. But what about the kids that are getting restless due to this summer vacation in which they have to stay home!

Watch the Legend of Krishna streaming on ZEE5 here.

ZEE5 is streaming content exclusively on ZEE5 Kids for the children in your house. Krishna – The Birth is a film revolving around the birth of the legendary avatar of Vishnu, Krishna. Krishna was the child of Devaki and Vasudeva. Devaki was the sister of Kansa, who had become a tyrant and was destroying the earth, and hence, Lord Brahma decided to end the tyranny of Kansa by asking Vishnu to take an avatar.

Krishna_The_Birth (2)
Source: ZEE5

Kansa loved his sister Devaki and got her married to Vasudeva, but a warning came from the Gods and this made Kansa detest his sister, and he killed all her children but two, Lord Krishna and his brother Balram. You must ask your kids to watch this animated film as it would be a huge source of mythological knowledge as well as entertainment for them. They can also relish the experience of knowing the story of a God.

Krishna_The_Birth Source ZEE5
Krishna_The_Birth Source ZEE5

The kids would also love how Krishna’s story is so similar to theirs, every child relates to this God with the flute who is loved by everyone despite his naughty nature.

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