Thodraa: 5 Reasons Why Prithvi Rajan And Veena’s Film Is A Must-Watch

Here are five reasons why you must watch Madhuraj's film Thodraa.


Thodraa, a film on honour killing, is a must-watch for many reasons be it for its screenplay to its engaging narration. The film is based on two shocking events that took place in Tamil Nadu. Helmed by director Madhuraj, the film is about two youngsters Shankar (Prithvi Rajan) and Divya (Veena), who hail from different castes. While the boy comes from a middle-class family, the girl belongs to a rich family that boasts of their wealth, honour and caste. However, nothing really stops the two from falling in love and starting a life together despite knowing the gruesome consequences.

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Impactful Storyline

Thodraa, which is different from typical commercial films, revolves around the problems faced by two lovers who decide to have an inter-caste marriage. The plot traces the struggles faced by the couple in leading a peaceful life together. With this storyline, the makers aim to address the issue of honour killing and also bring to light the ugly face of caste rivalry and hatred that prevails in our society.

Engrossing Content

The film’s runtime is less than two hours but this won’t stop you from enjoying every frame courtesy the beautiful montages right from their bicycle rides to the two walking hand-in-hand through scenic valleys. The film will keep you at the edge of your seat from the very beginning.

Solid Chemistry Between The Lead Pair

The lead pair of Prithvi Rajan and newbie Veena, is refreshing. While one (Prithvi) comes from a filmy family, Veena made her debut with this film and succeeded in impressing viewers with her amazing acting prowess. Both are young here and were just the right fit for their respective roles.

The Melodious Tracks

The music for Thodraa was scored by RN Uthamaraj and might we add, that the film’s album has the perfect mix of melodious tracks as well as foot-tapping numbers. Also, the meaningful lyrics of each song, add to the moving narrative of the film.


As they say, good cinematography can make a film while bad work in the same, can break it. Hence, it is very important that this department is handled with care. And we think Senthil Kumar has done full justice with his lens, to this gripping film.

The film is currently streaming on ZEE5 and you’re just a click away from watching this beautiful portrayal of this young couple, striving to be together. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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