Thorati: These Qualities of Semponnu Made Us Fall In Love With Her

Are you looking for inspiration? Semponnu’s courage, empathy and trustworthiness will surely move you as you watch Thorati. Scroll down to read more.


P Marimuthu’s Thorati is one of the best films I have seen in the longest time, because of its romantic plot. Starring a fresh pair Shaman Mithru and Sathyakala in the lead roles, Thorati is an emotional tale of love and loss. While the film marks the debut of Shaman and Sathyakala, not once did the actors make us feel like that this was their first project.

Thorati throws light on the lives of shepherds set against the backdrop of 1980. The story revolves around a care-free shepherd Mayan (Shaman Mithru), and Semponnu (Sathyakala). The film will take you on an emotional ride in each and every scene. From the plot to its screenplay and the cinematography, we loved all aspects of Thorati. But the highlight of the film is Semponnu (Sathyakala) and here are her three traits that we think we all must imbibe in our lives to be a better person.


Thorati features the most courageous character Semponnu, who stands up for what she believes in. When I say courage, it does not mean fighting the bad guys. It means just being themselves, stepping up for something they feel is right and taking risks, among others. We see Semponnu’s courage in the film when Mayan’s family visit Semponnu’s father to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Mayan comes drunk to her house but instead of refusing to marry him or giving up on him, she takes charge of the situation and makes things right.

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Despite the entire village advising her to leave Mayan and call off the wedding, she did not give up on him but takes it as a challenge to change Mayan and make him a responsible man. Well, she did change him for good and you would know as the story progresses. Even the time, when she boldly get the criminals arrested without thinking about the consequences she may face later, was applaudable.


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In the film, Semponnu’s father initially refuses to give her daughter’s hand to a guy like Mayan. The decision saddens Mayan’s father as he believes that only a person like Semponnu could change his son and show him the right path. As he feels hopeless, Semponnu gives him her word that she will go against everyone wishes and will get married to Mayan.

This shows Semponnu’s bold and courageous nature. She also has a softer side to her personality like empathising towards the people. There are many other instances that showcase this side of Semponnu, teaching us how to show empathy and be kind to everyone.


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Semponnu is trustworthy as well as a reliable person. Semponnu not once thought of giving up on her alcoholic and irresponsible husband. She just believed in herself that she could change him and well, she did it.

When Mayan goes to jail despite being innocent, Semponnu could have gone and got him out of jail. But she tells Mayan’s parents that if they bring him out today then there is no scope of him to reform. And like she believed; Mayan did come out of jail as a changed man.

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