Three Half Bottles Lyrical Video Will Motivate You To Carve Your Own Path

The lyrical video from the upcoming ZEE5 Original, Three Half Bottles, is an anthem that you can surely use as a pick-me-up every time you feel low

Three Half Bottles

With back-to-back hits, ZEE5 Telugu is setting the OTT game straight for the world to indulge in. Its latest outing is titled Three Half Bottles, which brings a brand new story to us. We see the world, or the city of Hyderabad, to be specific, through the lens of three extremely different characters. Summing up the mood and the message of Three Half Bottles is this beautiful yet simplistic lyric video.

Watch the video here:

Three roommates – Sirish, Nikhil and Aditya – are all young and enthusiastic. While they do share the same space, they do not share the same ideologies. Sirish is stuck with the idea of gaining fame and success as soon as possible. Aditya is too frightened to let go of the freedom that has come to him, after a long time. Lastly, Nikhil is happy going with the flow and has no clue about what comes next. 

This video gives us a glimpse of their situation. The song starts with, Pal do pal ki hai Zindagi, azama le jo hai sahi. Clearly, hinting at the present situation – confused and self-doubting – of our lead characters, the song takes you on a motivational journey. Further, the track tells you to be the person that you see in your dreams; to go ahead and achieve all that you believe is yours. 

Three Half Bottles
Three Half Bottles

As the beats of the chorus ignite a fire within you, the lyrics tell you to be self-sufficient and believe in yourself. Sung by Hema Chandra and Manisha Erabathini, this song is your go-to every time you find yourself lacking confidence and self-belief. 

Three Half Bottles is a six-episode mini-series and it comes to you on 15 December 2019. In the meantime, get a good laugh with Mrs Subbalaxmi starring Lakshmi Manchu and Srinivas Avasarla on ZEE5.