Three Half Bottles Trailer Review: 3 Oddballs Try Adulting Together In This Urban Comedy

The trailer is a quirky peek into the polar opposite lives of Sirish, Nikhil and Aditya and their collective attempts at adulting. Read about it here

The trailer of the upcoming ZEE5 Telugu original, Three Half Bottles, is out now. The 1.48-minute trailer gives us a good idea of what lies in store for us. Obviously, it is funny and quirky. But, what caught our attention is the little details and the characters’ thought processes. They are all starkly different from one another and that is the crux of the conflict here. Right now, we’re expecting a water-tight story that keeps us entertained. 

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer starts with the introduction of the lead characters – Aditya, Sirish and Nikhil – all of them young and dashing. One wants to explore himself and the world, another wants to gain fame and money for the right reasons and the last one wants answers to his long impending questions. The three boys are stuck with each other in the same apartment and they have to make peace with people with whom they share nothing in common. 

Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills
Three Half Bottles Trailer Stills

What stays back with us, from the trailer, is its production value. Right from the first frame, the trailer has an interesting and peppy background score. The music moves from upbeat to subtle and mellow melodies, effortlessly. The dialogues, too, are simple yet profound when needed. Not to forget, the show features John Kotolly, who we earlier saw as Ranga Rao in the ZEE5 original Gods of Dharmapuri

Apart from the seasoned actor himself, the show also has many fresh faces like Sai Ketan Rao, Hriday Bharadwaj, Aditya Pamnani, Monica Tavanam, Jasmine Kaur, and Swetha Varma amongst others. Directed by Prasad Raju, Three Half Bottles is a six-episode mini-series, which releases on ZEE5 on 15 December 2019.