Throwback Thursday: Watch Praja Theerpu Ft. Rajashekar-Vijaykanth That Is Still Relevant

Praja Theerpu, is a 1989 film about societal evils and the biased views of people. Even today, it continues to be relevant. Watch the film for free.

Praja Theerpu

Many filmmakers have tried to mirror the society through their works of art. Societal issues and injustices have always been a great way to bring people together, and also start conversations around important topics. The 1989 Telugu film, Praja Theerpu directed by C V Rajendran is one such film. It stars Rajashekar, Vijaykanth, Ambhika, Rajya Lakshmi, Y Vijaya and S Vara Lakshmi in important roles. The film is an Ilayaraja musical, produced by G Madhu Kumar.

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Praja Theerpu begins with a young cop beating up a goon on the streets. He moves to a small town and establishes a sense of trust amongst the people. The cop, Raja, goes back to his station only to find a bunch of women howling at each other. Amongst them, a man named Bhaskar emerges out and asks for justice. Bhaskar and his friend insist that the only way to cure this problem is by demanding answers from the corporation, and not silencing the people.

Raja pacifies Bhaskar’s anger in a few moments and promises to look into the problem. At the same time, we see Radha playing her best archery game in the college. Similarly, Murali celebrates the published poem, which he hopes, will make a change someday. Raja, Radha and Murali happen to find each other on different paths – but with the same agenda, to make the world a better place.

Praja Theerpu
Praja Theerpu (Source: Pinterest)

The main conflict of the film begins when Murali decides to leave Radha, after marrying her, because she was sexually exploited by a bunch of rowdies. That’s when Raja and Radha confront Murali and explain how wrong his mindset was. But Murali walks away. Now, Raja decides to shelter Radha for the time being. However, problems start to pile up and they end up making more discoveries about the injustices in our society – that find its roots deeper than they expected.

What will Raja and Radha do? Will they manage to bring Murali back to his sense? Or will they make a bigger change? Find answers here. Check out more old and free films on ZEE5 today.

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