Ti And Ti, Double Seat: 5 Best Romantic Films That Will Make You Happy While You’re Home

Wondering what to do while you're stuck at home during the corona outbreak? Here are 5 romantic films on ZEE5 that you should watch!

1. Ti And Ti

Ti And Ti
Ti And Ti

The entire world seems to be gripped in the clutches of Coronavirus and while there is no known cure for the disease, there are several ways in which one can prevent it. One of them is isolating ourselves at our homes to avoid getting infected by others. The virus which spreads through contact will not affect us if we and our family members stay safe at our homes. However, staying at homes with our family may a little far-fetched and you might be wondering how to spend the time at our homes. Everyone loves binge-watching so you can always binge-watch films with your family while you’re at home. Here are 5 such romantic films you can watch on Zee5 that will set the mood of your family just right! We begin with the romantic comedy Ti And Ti.

Watch the romantic comedy Ti And Ti here.

Released in the year 2019, Ti And Ti is a romantic comedy starring Pushkar Jog, Prarthana Behere, and Sonalee Kulkarni in lead roles. The story is about the newly married couple of Anay and Sai who are celebrating their honeymoon in London where they come across Anay’s childhood crush Priyanka. Anay, therefore, faces a dilemma between his current wife and his former crush. Who will he finally choose? Go watch the film to find out!

2. Double Seat

Poster Of Double Seat
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Double Seat is a family drama which stars Ankush Chaudhari, and Mukta Barve in lead roles. It portrays the struggles of the couple who tries to move out of their conjusted family home and their dream of owning an apartment of their own. The missing spice of life has been portrayed effectively by Ankush and Mukta who were both critically acclaimed for their performance. You can catch the film here.

3. Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Teaches You How To Deal With That Ex Who Keeps Bouncing Back.
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Teaches You How To Deal With That Ex Who Keeps Bouncing Back.

Released in 2015, Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2 is a romantic drama starring Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve. Considered as a sequel to Mumbai Pune Mumbai, the story continues the tale of the couple belonging to different cities. Gautam and Gauri are now preparing to get wed locked as their families are celebrating in unison. Will this story have a happy ending? This film by Satish Rajwade, therefore, needs to be watched with your family. Watch it here.

4. Ti Sadhya Kay Karte

Another film by Satish Rajwade that you need to watch is, Ti Saddhya Kay Karte. Starring Ankush Chaudhari and Tejashri Pradhan, the film revolves around the love story of Anurag and Tanvi who were childhood best friends. This film will surely make you shed a tear or two and will make you indulge in the nostalgic times of your childhood. Catch the story unfold here.

5. Gachchi

Gacchi Poster
Gacchi Poster

Starring Priya Bapat and Abhay Mahajan, Gachchi is a rom-com directed by Nachiket Samant. It revolves around the life of Shriram and Keerti who happen to meet each other on a terrace in the most unlikely circumstances. These two strangers seek help of each other to resolve the conflicts happening in their respective lives. The film is a situational comedy that goes through unpredictable twists and turns. Watch the drama here.

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