Top 5 New Games On ZEE5 Like Ninja Up! And Fierce Shot That Are A Perfect Pastime

With Play on ZEE5 you have access to a whole library of easy to play games that can cure your boredom.

New Hyper-casual games on ZEE5

Top 5 New games with Play on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

While ‘Stay home, stay safe’ continues to be the mantra across the world, you can drive away boredom with new games on ZEE5. If you enjoyed the earlier games like Nitro Street Run 2 and Ludibubbles then Play on ZEE5 has new games in a similar genre like Nitro Street Drag Mode and Bubble Bash along with many more fun additions. Here are some of the best and simple new games to try out on ZEE5.

1. Castle Of Magic

Match 3 Of The West on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames

Castle Of Magic is a fun game with different magic worlds that you get to navigate through. The game follows the life of two kids who get caught in a magic world by mistake and have their own set of adventures while they find their way out. This game is a ‘Super Mario-esque’ game with magic swords, magic hats and killer goblins and bees.

Match 3 Of The West

Match 3 Of The West on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames

Match 3 Of The West is a unique game where you have a sword battle with your opponent but through a puzzle game. The puzzle board is full of medical boxes and swords and you have to create a combo of 3 to either deliver a blow to your opponent or restore your own health. This is a fun game where you need a quick eye to spot every small opening.

Fantasy Skydiver

Fantasy Skydiver on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames

Fantasy Skydiver is simple enough to understand and equally fun to play. You will play a character who is slowly falling from the sky with a parachute and you have to avoid everything that comes in your way from cyclones and planes to falling pianos and flying elephants. If you find yourself enjoying this game then you should also try the Fantasy Sushi Diver where you will go underwater collecting fish to make Sushi.

4. Ninja Up!

Ninja Up on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames

Ninja Up! is an endless jumping game where you get to be a rope slinging ninja. Use the ropes to jump higher each time as you climb up buildings skyscrapers and even beyond. This is a fun addictive game that you will enjoy playing once you get a ‘hang’ of it.

5. Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames

Miss playing football on the ground Fierce Shot is the game for you. This game is a simple football game where you only get to take shots and score goals by swiping on the screen. This is a quick and simple game where you play tournaments with different countries trying to win games and score the highest points.

Find out more about these hyper-casual games you can play for free on ZEE5. You can also try out the interactive quiz Mind Wars on ZEE5 and win special prizes.