Try Healthy Eating By Experimenting With A Plant-Based Diet Like Samantha Akkineni

Its time to pay some attention and show tender love, and care to your body. You can do that by switching to a plant-based diet like Samantha

Samantha Akkineni

2020 is just a few days away and with this year, the decade comes to an end. Starting off the new year, and a new decade, on a sweet and bright note is surely on everyone’s mind. But what are you doing about it? Well, hitting the gym and exhausting your strength isn’t what we suggest. In fact, actor Samantha Akkineni has given us all a rather interesting, simple and tasty way of adopting a better lifestyle and getting the much-needed glow for the New Year celebrations.

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Recently, Samantha shared two pictures of her breakfast and meal. She wrote, “Taking the plunge… plant-based diet”. Her breakfast consisted of malted multigrain millet porridge. To make this starchy goodness tastier, Samantha added a handful of banana and strawberry slices. Apart from making the mixture naturally sweet, the fruits also boost protein and fibre intake, making it an ideal pick for breakfast. Samantha calls this her “go-to” breakfast and snack option.

Samantha Healthy Eating
Samantha Healthy Eating

For lunch, the actor went plant-based, and also made her meal look 100% Instagram-worthy. She shared the picture of her meal, which consisted of Beetroot lasagna, Chole masala, and a cucumber-spinach salad on the side. She captioned this image of her “favourite” meal with, “so happy to be back to eating healthy”. Samantha’s love for fitness and health is unconditional, and the actor prefers going the extra mile to ensure she stays fit.

Samantha Healthy Eating
Samantha Healthy Eating

Maybe it is time for us all to take some tips and motivation from this beauty and switch from junk to healthy and plant-based meals. If you start now, you might just make it to the new decade as a new and healthier person. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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