Try Your Hand At These Highly Addictive ‘Endless Running’ Games You Can Play On ZEE5

These games on ZEE5 will have you hooked because you can keep on playing until you are not satisfied with your highest score.

Endless running games on ZEE5

Endless running games to play on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

These games will keep you hooked as long as you want to be. Endless running games like Danger Dash will go on until you have achieved the high score and you get unlimited tries. But these games become more and more difficult the longer you run. Spend your time under lockdown playing these ultimate time-pass games on ZEE5.

Danger Dash

Danger Dash on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames.Gameloft

If you like Temple Run, then Danger Dash is the perfect game for you. In this game, you will be running from ferocious tigers chasing you, while you will also have to avoid huge logs of wood and trees that block your path while you earn coins and rewards depending on how far you run.

Boboiboy Galaxy Run

Boboiboy Galaxy Run on ZEE5
Source: Ludigames.Gameloft

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run is a game where you can play as different characters, as you progress through the game.  While you run through the Galaxy in this game, you will face missions where you fight to defend the galaxy, and block the villains’ from getting the Power Spheros.

Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

This thrilling game allows you to walk in the air from one building to another using nothing but a bridge that you build. If the bridge you build is too long or too short then you will lose the game and will have to restart all over again.

Play these games and tell us what was the high score you managed to make? You can also watch the collection and animated films and cartoons available for free on ZEE5 Kids.