Understanding Conversion Disorder And Hysterical Blindness As Seen In Kriti Garg’s Raahu

In Subbu Veddula's Raahu, the protagonist played by Kriti Garg suffers from conversion disorder. We dug deeper to know about it.

A still from Raahu trailer

Debutant director Subbu Veddula’s thriller film, Raahu features Kriti Garg and Aberaam Varma. The film incorporates many concepts that we are familiar with, like an eclipse. He also incorporates newer ideas like conversion disorder and hysterical blindness into the plot seamlessly. The protagonist of the film finds out that her stress levels escalate upon seeing blood. And this escalation causes her to become temporarily blind. Let’s dig a little deeper into this phenomenon.

Watch the trailer of Raahu here:

Conversion disorder is a border term which acts as an umbrella for several conditions. These conditions include hysterical blindness, paralysis, seizures, hallucination, etc. What sets them apart from the regular medical conditions is the fact that they occur without permanent damage to our nervous system. These events occur in a fraction, and then our body quickly slips into its normalcy again. Which is why Bhanu could recover from her blindness in a few moments.

A Still from Raahu Trailer
Bhanu in Raahu

Despite being advanced with our technologies, there has been no concrete reason or cause behind conversion disorder. Some believe that these events are the body’s way of suppressing physical or psychological stressors. And others also feel that these events occur from a trigger of the same physical or psychological stressors. While it may sound scary, it is proven that no single gene is responsible for such behaviour. And is not inheritable.

Bhanu in Raahu
Bhanu in Raahu

Counselling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, physical therapy, occupational therapy are some of the more common ways to treat conversion disorder. The symptoms can be noticed in people as early as their adolescent stages. So, you might want to track your patterns and stay safe.

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