Unleash The Fun And Madness With Adwait Dadarkar At Zee Gaurav Puruskar’s Red Carpet

Adwait grills the celebrities on the red carpet with riddles. Who spoils his mood? Find out inside!

1. Funny expression game

Zee Gaurav Puruskar is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies of the Marathi Industry. Celebrities attend in their choicest of outfits and some of them even entertain the audiences by performing on stage. Last year’s ceremony was an affair to remember as the pre-event or the red carpet event with host Adwait Dadarkar was as exciting as the awards night. Let’s have a look at some of the best moments from the same, below!

You can watch the entire event here.

The first game that Adwait presented to the celebrities was the ‘funny expression’ game. The actor, who plays Saumitra in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, showed the celebs a few pictures of cartoons making comical expressions like grinning, eye-rolling, etc. The celebs had to imitate these expressions and we must say that they did a stellar job at it!

2. The compatibility quiz

The next game was exclusively played by couples, and Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat were a part of it too. Couples were tested on their compatibility and many of them got all the answers right. Who won this game? Watch to find out!

3. Lost in translation

In this game, Adwait narrated a few famous Marathi dialogues and the celebs had to translate these into Hindi. The game was won by the super talented RJ Malishka!

4. Pehchan kaun?

The next game was about figuring out the famous personality whose name cards the celebs held over their foreheads. The partner had to act and give hints so that the name could be figured out by the other person. The best moment included Tejaswini Pandit holding her own name card and Adwait giving her clues like “she is as fair as you, as tall as you and has eyes exactly like you!”

5. The prankster gets pranked!

There was a trick being pulled on the trickster Adwait himself. A bespectacled man with a huge bag followed Adwait around and said he was a huge fan of the actor and so was his mother. Adwait even played a game with him upon being requested. But the actor slowly started to lose his cool when the fan wouldn’t let him be and ended up fuming and shouting at him. Just then, the man revealed that he had been pranking Adwait all long! The actor laughed and abused the cameramen for pulling his leg.

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