UNLOCK Revenge:7 Movie Characters Who Went Too Far For Love Knowing There’s #NoTurningBack

Haider, Raghu, Veer and some of these other characters show how love can be avenged. How far would you go for someone you love?

UNLOCK Revenge: 6 Films That Are Based On Revenge

Falling in love can be a bliss, but only when it is a two-way feeling. Ever guessed why it is said that one ‘falls’ in love? Because it is a risky business! You might either fall on a safe cushion or a stone-hard ground. For one-sided lovers, there are only two options. One is to let go gracefully and seek solace in themselves. And the other vicious path is to take revenge. In ZEE5’s latest venture, Unlock: The Haunted App, Suhani (Hina Khan) tries to avenge herself. She is broken when Amar (Kushal Tandon) does not return her love. Suhani resorts to some very mean ideas to take revenge. In the past as well, characters have avenged their love, or taken revenge for someone they love. Let us look at such films!

1. Badlapur

Raghav and Misha are thinking about their careers when Misha announces her pregnancy. There is no looking back after this. They both get married and start living a very happy life together until on one fateful day, bank robbers try to take their car and kill Misha and their son in the hurry. Raghav becomes Raghu and decides to kill the people behind the masks!

2. Haider

In this film, we see Haider deviling into a person he never was. He is only a young lad seeking reasons for his father’s disappearance. He finds his mother behaving in a strange and careless manner. When a messenger and separatist Roohdaar delivers him a message that his uncle Khurram was involved in his father’s murder, Haider decides to avenge his father’s untimely death.

3. Ghayal Once Again

Being protective and caring for someone is equal parts of love. In this film, Ajay (Sunny Deol) is a journalist and he stumbles upon four teenagers who are trying to save themselves. The film is the sequel to Ghayal, in which Ajay was seen avenging his brother’s murderers by killing them. In this film, Ajay tries to save his daughter and face his troubled past.

4. Veer

All rules are the same for love and war! But what if both of these mingle? Veer is a classic tale of revenge and love getting so mixed up that the result is a tragedy. Veer Pratap Singh and Yuvraj.  Yashodhara’s love is tarnished with Yuvraj’s (Yashodhara’s brother) blood smeared on Veer’s hands. Will love win over it all?

5. Insaaf

A school teacher, Avinash is set on the wrong path due to some destructive personal and familial issues. Avinash and Sonia’s tragic love story is put to an end when Sonia commits suicide due to Dilip. Avinash’s unlawful work would have eventually led him to the jail but he decides to avenge Sonia first.

6. Nafrat Ki Aandhi

Inspector Ravi Kapoor (Jeetendra) takes the help of a petty thief of the past, Sonu (Dharmendra) to get hold of a gangster Chandidas. They succeed and celebrate but tables turn when Chandidas is released from the jail and he decides to take revenge!

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