The Tech-Horror Film UNLOCK Teaches Us Some Important Life Lessons

Thriller-Tech-horror film UNLOCK gives us lessons on love, life and relationships, 'cos after some mistakes there's really #NoTurningBack

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Unlock: The Haunted App is a ZEE5 original film which features Hina Khan and Kushal Tandon in lead roles. The film is bankrolled by Krasnaya Corporation LLP and Horse Films LLP and directed by Debatma Mandal. Apart from lead pairs, Rishabh Sinha and Aditi Arya will be playing pivotal roles. The storyline of the movie is based on lovers Suhani and Amar who are madly in love with each other. But one fine day, Suhani gets to know that her roommate Riddhi is eyeing her boyfriend. Suhani downloads an app which grants her darkest wishes. The makers of this movie teach their viewers several things which need to be followed in life. Take a look:

1. No addiction to phone

In today’s era, people are so dependent on their mobile phones for everything. Their lives depend on it. A user no more controls his phone but it’s the phone that controls happiness of the user’s life. Humans should strike a balance between their phones and their life. Addiction towards phone can lead to several problems in life and lead to severe diseases.

2. Installation of random apps can be dangerous

This upcoming movie teaches us to not download or keep random apps on the phone as it can lead to severe damage mentally or even to the phone. Several deadly and dangerous apps have ruined so many lives in real. One does not realize when a person gets addicted to these apps and cannot live away from it.

3. Have faith in love

In Unlock: The Haunted App, Suhani and Amar are head over heels in love with each other and do not leave any chance to showcase their love. Suhani and Amar give major love goals to many, but suddenly, Suhani gets to know that her flatmate Riddhi is eyeing her love and instead of trusting Amar, she goes ahead and downloads an app which helps her to achieve what she desires. The movie wants viewers to learn that understanding, faith, trust and good communication is all that we need to have in a relationship to make it strong. An app is not going to help but instead, it will lead to more problems.

4. Holding a grudge is not right

The makers teach some valuable lessons of life to the viewers that we need to implement to have a smooth life. Unlock: The Haunted App teaches us to not bring past in present and holding a grudge is a big no-no. This thing can ruin a relationship to a great extent and you can lose your love forever.

5. Start making efforts

After knowing that Riddhi is interested in Amar, Suhani instead of putting efforts to save her relationship she downloads an app that promises to fulfil her darkest wishes. In life, one must make an effort and not lose hope otherwise the relationship will eventually crash.

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