Urmila Kothare, Aadinath Kothare Urge Fans To Boycott Chinese Goods

In the wake of the recent clash between Indian soldiers and Chinese troops, Marathi celebrities have pledged to give up the use of Chinese products.

Urmila Kothare and Aadinath Kothare

India recently grieved the loss of its 20 braveheart soldiers who were killed in a brutal face-off with Chinese troops in Galwan Valley, Ladakh. After the news broke out yesterday, reactions started flooding from every nook and corner of the country. Celebrities, too, offerred condolences to the martyrs via social media. According to sources, the violent incident is reported to have taken place after a month-long standoff between the two countries. In the wake of recent events, many celebrities including Kishori Shahane, Adinath Kothare, Urmila Kothare have decided to boycott Chinese goods as the country mourns the deaths of our soldiers. These celebs have highlighted the importance of doing so on social media and have urged their fans to follow their suit.

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Adinath Kothare uploaded the photo of the Indian Army’s emblem on his Instagram profile and wrote in the caption that he salutes the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the clash with the Chinese troops. The actor pledged to boycott all the Chinese products and expressed that he doesn’t want to fund the country who engages in violence.

Kishori Shahane posted a picture of herself saluting the brave soldiers and wrote India needs to fight back. The actress from Yeda wrote that the citizens should consider it as their duty and ban the use of Chinese products in their lives. Kishori believes in the idea of ‘Atmanirbhar India’ and expressed her desire to work towards it.

Similarly, Urmila Kothare wrote a heartfelt caption for the Jawans who are battling at the Indo-China border in Ladakh. The Tapaal actress confessed that we shall never understand the plight of our soldiers who risk their lives to protect our country. She asked her fans to stop using Chinese goods and Chinese apps which fund their economy. The actress urged everyone that this is the least we could do as an act of gratitude towards our bravehearts.

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