Uyire – Ties That Bind: 3 Reasons To Watch Arvind Naidu-Puravalan’s Suspense Family Drama

From intriguing plotline to engaging songs and brilliant acting, Uyire - Ties That Bind will keep you glues to your TV screen. Scroll down for more.

Uyire - Ties That Blind

The ZEE5 Original series, Uyire – Ties That Bind is a Tamil suspense drama from Singapore which stars Arvind Naidu, Indra and Guna in the lead roles. It is a story of a family which comprises of a retired army officer, his loving wife. and three daughters. While it seems like a perfectly happy family from the outside, it is quite dysfunctional from the inside.

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Uyire – Ties That Bind is currently trending and the viewers are pretty much glued to their TV screens. And if you have not started watching the series yet; here are three reasons that might tempt you to catch up on it.

Reasons To Watch The Series:

Intriguing Plotline

The series revolves around Raghavan, an affluent ex-military officer. On the surface, he seems to have it all – material wealth, a kind and supportive wife, and three capable daughters. But a dark secret is looming on the horizon that threatens to break apart the family. In all, Uyire – Ties That Bind is quite intriguing. And by unravelling the dirt in each character slowly, the series is keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats.


The background score perfectly blends with the scenes. The music has managed to elevate the emotional weight of the scenes we see on the screen. My personal favourite song is Unakkaaga Piranthaeno. This feel-good romantic song, which features Thava (Nishok) and Malene (Bhumika), strikes the right chord with the audiences.


We see some great performances by Arvind Naidu (Ashwin), Puravalan (Raghavan), Guna (Rajesh), James (Kannan) and Indra (Keerthy). Even Thava (Nishok), Malene (Bhumika), Nishana (Renuka) and Sankari (Kamini) have done a decent job. While Arvind and Puravalan have nailed their roles as a doting husband and a loving father respectively; James, who made his entry in the series a little late, has won our hearts with his style and acting skills.

Have we created enough curiosity in you to start the series from today? Let us know what you think about this series in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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