Uyire: Ties That Bind Episode 11 Written Update: Priya’s Stalker Follows Her

Priya panics when she gets to know that the stalker has purchased a house next to her. What is next in store for Priya?

In the previous episode of Uyire – Ties That Bind, Ashwin’s senior seeks his help to nab the drug peddlers in Singapore. Meanwhile, Nishok confesses his love to Bhumika but the latter tells him that she is not interested. Renuka (the other woman) phones Keerthi’s mother when Raghavan does not answer her calls.

She hands over the phone to Raagavan, who tells Renuka on the call that he will be at her house in 30 minutes. Renuka calls Raagavan to inform about her daughter’s illness. Meanwhile, Rajesh asks for Keerthi’s jewellery to mortgage for his business. Keerthi refuses to give him her jewellery, so he steals them. Later, Priya’s stalker knocks on her door in Ashwin’s absence.

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In the eleventh episode, when Priya opens the door, it’s not the stalker but her husband Ashwin. Meanwhile, Rajesh goes to the bank with Keerthi’s gold and learns that the jewellery is fake. When he comes home, he asks questions about the same to Keerthi, but she gets angry and tells him that she does not want to talk about it.

Later, Ashwin gives Priya a surprise. They go on a candlelight dinner. There, Ashwin tells Priya that they need to postpone their honeymoon as he has got an important work. Priya gets angry but then Ashwin convinces her. Later, as they go home, Priya sees the stalker and panics.

She notices that the stalker has moved into the house next to hers. In the morning, as Priya leaves for work, the stalker follows her. But before he could go further, Priya bumps into Ashwin and the latter drops her till bus stop.

Later, Bhumi sees that one of her clients has put out a bad review about her makeup and that has gone viral on the web. So, she puts up another video explaining herself. Nishok too gives a good review of Bhumi’s work and posts it online. So, finally, Bhumi agrees to go out on a date with Nishok. Is this the start of their relationship? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Uyire – Ties That Bind. The story revolves around Raagavan, an affluent ex-military officer. On the surface, he seems to have it all – material wealth, a kind and supportive wife and three capable daughters. But a dark secret is looming on the horizon that threatens to break apart the family. The series, starring Arvind Naidu, Puravalan, Guna and Indra in the pivotal roles, is intriguing enough to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

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