Uyire – Ties that Bind Episode 23 Written Update: Priya Tells Ashwin About Her Pregnancy

Ashwin tells her that they should inform the good news to their mom. But Priya asks him to wait until the doctor confirms. Read the full update.

Uyire - Ties That Bind

In the previous episode of Uyire – Ties that Bind, Kamini demands money from Keerthi on the pretext of course fees to help her boyfriend. Later, Bhumika shares the joy of finding a new job with Nishok. He seems to be slightly jealous of her success. Priya confronts Kanna and warns him to stay away from her and her family, while Kanna threatens her that he will reveal everything to Ashwin.

Meanwhile, Ashwin’s mother sees the two arguing on the streets. Charu coughs blood and hides it from Keerthi. Elsewhere, Renuka tells Raghavan that she is looking for a rented place for a week as her washrooms are under renovation. So, Raghavan asks Renuka and Tara to stay with him.

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In tonight’s episode, Charu sees a doctor and the latter warns Charu of an underlying disease. Ashwin’s mother asks Priya about Kanna and her argument. Priya tells her about warning Kanna to stay away as she does not like him. Drunk Nishok cheers Bhumika when she scolds him for not answering her calls. Later, Priya gets irked and argues with Ashwin when he talks about Kanna.

Charu returns to her house but after noticing Renuka with Raghavan, she walks out once again. Meanwhile, Priya tells Ashwin that she is pregnant but the former does not seem happy about the news. Ashwin, on the other hand, gets delighted and tells her that they should inform their mom. But Priya asks him to wait until doctor’s confirmation. Why is Priya upset about being pregnant? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Uyire – Ties That Bind. The story revolves around Raghavan, an affluent ex-military officer. On the surface, he seems to have it all – material wealth, a kind and supportive wife and three capable daughters. But a dark secret is looming on the horizon that threatens to break apart the family. The series, starring Arvind Naidu, Puravalan, Guna and Indra in the pivotal roles, is intriguing enough to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

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