Valentine’s Day 2020 Special: Spread Love In The Air With These 20 Romantic Songs

There is nothing more magical than music! And, to help you find the right music for the right moment, we’ve curated a playlist of 20 love songs.

1. Boureya - Broken But Beautiful Season 2

Valentine’s Day is here and we’re hoping you are all set with your plans.  If you have been unable to think of something special for your significant other, it’s time to rush. Love is in the air, in our hearts, and it ought to be in our ears too. And, that’s why we’ve curated the most-perfect playlist of 20 romantic songs that will make your celebration more special. 

There isn’t another person who is more special and important to you, than the one who has your heart. And, if you have failed to express this to your S.O, let Boureya from Broken But Beautiful do the talking. 

2. Makhna - Drive

A little upbeat, a little dancy, and a whole lot romantic! Makhna, from Drive, is the song that you need. Get up, take your partner’s hand and turn the floor into a stage.

3. Fakira - SOTY 2

Sung by Sanam Puri and Neeti Mohan, Fakira from Student Of The Year 2 is the most soulful song that you could play on your date night. If soulful music is your jam, don’t miss out on this one.

4. Naina da kya Kasoor - Andhadhun

Your special one is too pretty/handsome to handle, and we understand that you just cannot take your eyes off them. After all, Naina da kya kasoor!

5. Tere Sang Yaara - Rustom

For all our folks who have never been able to put to words what they feel inside, take help from Khiladi Kumar and sing his song, Tere Sang Yaara, from Rustom. 

6. Baarish - Half Girlfriend

When you are in love, everything starts and ends at your better half. And you know how to define or understand this phenomenon of love? Listen to Baarish from Half Girlfriend, and find your answers. 

7. Sau Aasmaan - Baar Baar Dekho

Once again, for the lovers who love to dance their feelings out. Take some inspiration from Katrina Kaif and dance your heart out, on Sau Aasmaan from Baar Baar Dekho.

8. Nazm Nazm - Bareilly ki Barfi

Love is all about the little things, the little gestures, and the unspoken emotions. Aayushmann Khurrana’s Nazm Nazm beautiful embodies the little things that make love great. 

9. Ik Mulakat - Dream Girl

Ik Mulakat, in the magical voice of Aayushmann Khuranna, from Dream Girl, is for all the old souls out there. With a hint of Qawali, this contemporary song is the perfect blend of both worlds, just like you and your significant other. 

10. Ve Maahi - Kesari

The love that is unconditional, and the love that knows no bounds. Ve Maahi from Kesari is the song that will resonate with every lover out there. 

11. Dil Hi Toh Hai - The Sky Is Pink

It doesn’t matter if you are young and wild, or naughty at 40. Love is love. And Priyanka Chopra-Farhan Akhtar’s Dil Hi Toh Hai, from The Sky Is Pink, is all you need to set the mood.

12. Kaash - The Zoya Factor

The times have changed and so have the love stories. If you believe that your new age love story needs new music and new storytelling, Dulquer-Sonam’s Kaash, from The Zoya Factor, will be your song.

13. Choti Choti Gal - Motichoor Chaknachoor

Just like the small things overwhelm us, the smallest of our mistakes can upset our partners. But today is not the day to be sad. Sing along Motichoor Chaknachoor’s Choti Choti Gal and wipe all the tears and bring the smiles back. 

14. Maheroo - The Zoya Factor

You know how Sonam Kapoor thanks God for giving her what she wants, “chappad phaad ke”. That’s every new couple, ever. And the song Maheroo captures that excitement and happiness so, so beautifully.

15. Aaj Se Teri - PADMAN

This is the perfect time to mend all your mistakes and take your love story to a new high. PADMAN’s Aaj Se Teri is what you can turn into your Valentine’s Days vows. 

16. Teri Hogaiyaan - Broken But Beautiful Season 2

All your tasks and priorities aside! Today, there’s time only for love. Dedicate your time, effort and energy to your special one and sing along Teri Hogaiyaan, from Broken But Beautiful Season 2.

17. Sweetheart - Kedarnath

Let’s put our guards down and accept that deep down inside, you do enjoy cliches and cheesy romantic lines. And now that you have accepted the truth, here’s Sweetheart, from Kedarnath, that gets as cheesy as love is.

18. Naina Yeh - Article 15

If nothing seems to go right, tune into Naina Yeh, from Article 15, and we’re sure everything will fall into place. Relax, enjoy the song and be in the moment with your lover.

19. Kalank title track

Let go of all your inhibitions, this Valentine’s Day, and embrace your identity, your relationship and your feelings. Because the truth is “Kalank nahi, ishq hai kajal”.

20. Rubaru - Jamai 2.0

With lyrics like “Tujhse hi rooh joodi, Mujhme basti hai tu”, this song is sure to hit you right in the feels and make you yearn for a loved one’s company. 

Now that you have the perfect playlist for Valentine’s Day, we hope you spread love in the air and reap all merriment. If you’re in the mood for a cosy movie-date, find the most-romantic films to watch on ZEE5 here.

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