Valentine’s Day: 5 Songs You Can Propose With, Based On Your Partner’s Personality Type

Are you ready to propose to your crush? We have a list of songs that you can use, that will go with your partner's personality type. Have a look!

1. Tuch Tu

Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner, and we are super excited! Are you? are you excited? On this special day of love, go ahead and propose to your crush. To make them aware about your feelings, make sure your gestures area as grand as Abhijeet’s have been for Asawari  in Zee Marathi’s Agga Bai Sasubai! Wondering what kind of music you could use for your proposal? Don’t worry, we’ve you covered. Here is a list of songs that you can go ahead witg, that can complement your partner’s personality type.

Tuch Tu starring Sanskruti Balgude and Vaibhav Tatwawaadi is from the film Shortcut. This melodoius song is for your partner, if they have a friendly personality.

2. Vanava Petavla

Vanava Petavla is Ajay Gogavle’s song from the film Ghuma. This track has a foot-tapping beat that would make your partner dance with joy as you declare your love for them! You must pick this song if their personality is a playful and fun one.

3. Tu Tithe Asave

Tu Tithe Asave is Swapnil Bandholkar and Bela Shende’s romantic number which topped the charts, when it was released. The title track of the film, Tu Tithe Asave, stars Bhushan Pradhan and Pallavi Patil. The song features an open declaration of love, but in the most subtle and romantic way. If your partner gets conscious easily, then go ahead by choosing this song to make them comfortable.

4. Tu Javali Ye Na

Tu Javali Ye Na is our recommendation, if your partner is ultra-romantic. As the lyrics say, the song defines the kind of love that we are certain, you hold in your heart, for your beloved. The song is sung by Anurag Godbole and Shalmali Sukhatankar his song is surely going to make them say yes! Watch the song here.

5. Prem Baware

Prem Baware is the right fit if you have a partner who is emotional and gets the meaning of the lyrics right. This song is sung by Meet Goud and Kalyani Badgujar and the music is heart warming. Soft and touching the song screams that love is crazy but amazing. If love is a necessity for you, as stated in this song, then you must pick this one for your proposal!

So which one out of these is your pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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