Valentine’s Day Special: #5 Colours To Let Them Know What You Truly Feel

Pour your heart out this Valentine's Day with these styles from ZEE5 heroines. Don't miss!


It is the season of love and for some, it’s time to reveal what they truly feel for their better half. The thrill in leaving hints and notes to symbolise your relationship to the world is sure to take you over. The easiest way to let them know what it means to you is to incorporate the message in the way you dress up for that romantic dinner date or that casual outing on Valentine’s Day. Our favourite ZEE5 celebrities are here to help you let your date know how you using your dress code.

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Take note, here are #5 colours and styles to help you reveal your feelings this Valentine’s Day:

#1 Keep it casual: Confused whether to commit or not? It is always better to take it slow and blue is the best colour to pour your heart out. Look your warmest in a pale blue short top paired with your favourite jeans to tell your loved one about what you truly feel. This casual style from Mangalyam Thanthunanena actress Nimisha Sajyan is perfect for that first date.

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#2 New love: Feeling butterflies in your stomach? Pink is the best colour to express all the emotions of newfound love. This sophisticated pink dress style from Neeli actress Mamta Mohandas is surely going to inspire the love bird in you.

#3 Intensely in love: Red is the colour that speaks the language of love. If you are madly in love with your partner, Red is the best way to celebrate that mutual feeling. The comfortable warmth of love is best explained with this style from Pookkalam Varavayi actress Mridhula Vijai.

#4 Forever and after: White is the easiest way to tell the world you are a keeper. Wear white to let your forever and after know that you are ready to grow old together. This inspirational white dress style from Kalki actress Samyuktha Menon is an elegant way of letting them know that you are taken.

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#5 The friendzone: The hardest possible message to give is to tell him/her that you are not ready. It can be anything from being afraid of the impending commitment or just you not being ready for anything serious. Yellow is the best way to let them know that you want to stay ‘just friends.’

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