Valentine’s Day Special: 6 Romantic Songs You Should Be Listening To With Bae Right Now

Love is in the air during the month of February, so here's looking at the best Bengali romantic songs that you should dedicate to your lover.

1. Maula Re

Music has the power to bring hearts together. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have picked up a few Bengali songs that will win your partner’s heart. Each of these songs is special in its own way — be it lyrics, the music or the vocals — every song depicts the universal emotion of ‘love’. Scroll down to read on.
From the movie Chaamp, the song Maula Re captures the life of Shiba, the hero of the movie, played by Dev. This movie shows the struggles he faces as he tries to make his wife (played by Rukmini Maitra) happy while taking all the pain by himself. The bittersweet song shows his pain while also showing his pure love and feelings towards his wife. It is a must-watch video! Check it out.

2. Firbo Bolle Fera Jaay Naki

This beautiful duet sung, Firbo Bolle Fera Jaay Naki, is sung by Timir Biswas and Sanchita Roy. From the movie Wrong Number, the song captures the lives of various characters in the film. This sad song narrates the struggle each person faces. The music video starring Samadrashi Dutta, Sayani Ghosh, Sourav Das and Durga Santra manages to communicate the complex feelings of sadness and struggle.

3. Khela Shesh

This song from the action movie, Cockpit, sung by Arijit Singh is very slow and calm, and it adds that magical feel to everyone who listens to it. While showing the various scenes from this action-packed film starring Dev, Rukmini and Koel Mallick, the song leaves us spell-bound with the beautiful background score and lyrics.

4. Dyakha Howbe Bole

 Dyakha Hobe Bole from the movie Samantaral stars actors Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Riddhi Sen. This feel-good song sung by Rupankar Bagchi and Rimita Mukherjee, cheers us and manages to lift our moods. While the playback singers’ voices serenade us, the song swells our heart with ten-fold happiness.

5. Tui Chunli Jakhan

Ekai Bhalo, sung by Durnibar Saha, is from the movie Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo, which is a mystery-thriller movie starring Ritwick Chakraborty, Paoli Dam and Goutam Ghose. As you listen to this song, you can feel the music strumming the strings of your heart while the lyrics swell up our eyes with tears.

Send these beautiful songs to your loved one and make their day special. What is your favourite song? Tell us in the comment section below.

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