Vettai Season 1 Episode 12 Written Update: Did Seelan Murder Dayanithi? 

Nanda accuses Seelan of Dananithi's murder. But if it not Nanda, then who murdered Dayanithi?


In the previous episode of Vettai, Shan and Radha get a new case. It is about finding a boy named Arun, who was kidnapped seven years ago. Since the boy was not found, the case was closed assuming that he is dead. But now the parents think that they saw the boy recently in China Town, and hence they reopened the case.

However, Shan and Radha only have the boy’s picture from seven years ago which frustrates them. Also, the fact that the kidnapper hasn’t called for ransom makes the investigation more difficult. Meanwhile, Mugi calls the journalist Shalini and asks her if she wants to join him in the investigation of his new case. Anyhow, they start to investigate the case. Elsewhere, a Malaysian man can be seen holding Arun hostage in an abandoned place.

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In the twelfth episode, Seelan, who notices the Cheif’s missed calls, gives him a callback. However, he gets no answer. So, he goes to the Chief’s house to see him but doesn’t find him. On asking the watchman, Seelan learns that Chief has gone out. So, Seelan goes back home.

Later, in the evening, everyone gets a conference call from Radha. She informs them that the Chief has been murdered. Everyone rushes to the office immediately. They ask the inspector, who found the body, about the details surrounding Dayanithi’s murder.

The inspector says that Dayanithi was brutally murdered; He has been stabbed all over his body multiple times and left to die. Meanwhile, Nanda gets suspicious about Seelan. On learning this, Seelan gets angry at Nanda for doubting him to be involved in Chief’s murder.

While they argue about the same, Radha stops them. Later, Nanda confronts Seelan about Chief’s murder. Nanda tells Seelan that he (Seelan) is hiding something from him. Then Nanda also reveals that Dayanithi told him that Seelan is the traitor before they were sent to the crime scene to catch the culprits.

When Nanda accuses Seelan of Dayanithi’s murder, it leads to an ugly fight between the two and their team members have to intrude to stop them. Who murdered Dayanithi? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Vettai. After Dayanithi, the leader of a special task force, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Vettai, Mugilan, Nanda, Seelan and Radha pick up the case to unearth the mystery behind the murder. Will they be able to resolve the complicated case or is there a twist to the whole situation? The series, starring Shabir, Sathish, Gunala and Gayathiri Segaran in the pivotal roles, is a crime-drama based on real-life cases from Singapore.

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