Vettai Season 1 Episode 16 Written Update: Seelan Is A Suspect In Dayanidhi’s Murder Case

The senior cops inform Seelan that the intelligence suspects him in Dayanidhi’s murder case and hence wants to interrogate him for the same.


In the previous episode of Vettai, Radha and Shan search for Arun at China Town as informed by his mother. The team attends Dayanithi’s funeral. At the funeral, Nanda speaks to the officers. Seelan, who is afraid that Nanda might tell something to the officers, follows him and tries to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Later, Seelan goes home and has an argument with Manju. So, she leaves the house in anger. Seelan, who suspects Manju of having an affair, follows her and sees her with a guy (Mahesh). Later, he meets Regina to discuss the same. As a counsellor, she advises him to talk to Manju about it. Later, Shan asks Radha to express her feelings to Nanda.

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In the sixteenth episode, Radha proposes to Nanda but the latter refuses to accept her love; it makes Radha upset. The next morning, Shan goes to Radha’ house and tells her that he has got a tip-off on the missing case of Arun and they have to immediately leave. He also tells her that as per his sources, these children are being kidnapped to be sold into slavery.

As per the informer’s details, Shan and Radha reach the spot and find Arun. Along with Arun, they also find other children, who had been kidnapped. As Shan and Radha solve the case, Seelan feels happy about it and goes to meet the senior authorities to inform them about the same. Just then, the senior cop informs Seelan about finding leads in Dayanithi’s murder case.

He also tells Seelan that the intelligence suspects him(Seelan) in Dayanidhi’s murder and therefore wants to interrogate him for the same. Meanwhile, Shan goes to meet Regina, the counsellor, to profess his love to her. However, Regina seems to avoid the topic and makes the excuse of having a meeting with a client. Is Seelan involved in Dayanithi’s murder? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here’s what you need to know about Vettai. After Dayanithi, the leader of a special task force, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Vettai, Mugilan, Nanda, Seelan and Radha pick up the case to unearth the mystery behind the murder. Will they be able to resolve the complicated case or is there a twist to the whole situation? The series, starring Shabir, Sathish, Gunala and Gayathiri Segaran in the pivotal roles, is a crime-drama based on real-life cases from Singapore.

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