Vettai Season 1 Episode 19 Written Update: Mugi Finds A Link Between The Rape & Drug Case

Seelan commands Mugi to work with them to put all the clues together and solve both these cases.


In the previous episode of Vettai, Nanda and Radha carry an unconscious Angel home. Meanwhile, Shalini informs Mugi about the case when he compels her. She gives him a lead to the case he is currently investigating. Later, Seelan scolds Mugi for leaving Prakash alone while they were on duty and warns him against repeating it.

Mugi then scolds Prakash for telling on him. But Prakash retaliates for the first time. He tells Mugi that he was silent every time Mugi tried to pick on him, but this time his (Prakash’s) job was at stake. Prakash also tells Mugi that his behaviour was unprofessional as he took Shalini on a date while they were on duty.

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In the nineteenth episode, Seelan arranges a meeting with the team and everyone attends it except Nanda. So, Seelan asks Shan to inform Nanda that Seelan wants to see him. When Nanda meets Seelan, the latter argues with him. Nanda refuses to attend future meetings too as he does not consider Seelan to be his Chief. Further, Mugi meets Regina and shares his suspicion about the rape case. She gives him a different perspective to look at the case, which helps him to decode it.

Meanwhile, drug dealer Bose informs his team about the new stock and asks them to begin work. Later, Mugi informs Seelan and Nanda about the similarity in the rape and the drug case. Seelan commands Mugi to work with them so that the clues can be put together to crack open this case. An unknown person transfers Dayanidhi’s files from the computer to his storage and deletes the files from the computer. Who could this be? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here’s what you need to know about Vettai. After Dayanithi, the leader of a special task force, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Vettai, Mugilan, Nanda, Seelan and Radha pick up the case to unearth the mystery behind the murder. Will they be able to resolve the complicated case or is there a twist to the whole situation? The series, starring Shabir, Sathish, Gunala and Gayathiri Segaran in the pivotal roles, is a crime-drama based on real-life cases from Singapore.

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