Vettai Season 1 Episode 30 Written Update: The Killer Abducts Vidya

Vidya’s stalker Pravin is the rapist who abducted her! Is Vidya in danger? Scroll to see what happens next!


In the previous episode of Vettai, the stalker follows Shan’s sister Vidya. Instead of reprimanding him, Vidya extends the hand of friendship towards him. Later, the stalker Praveen asks Vidya if she would like to model for him as he needs to make a portfolio of his work; and the latter agrees. Meanwhile, Manju reads her husband Seelan’s messages on his phone and feels heartbroken. Later, at work, Shan sees Seelan and Regina having lunch together. After Regina leaves, Shan confronts Seelan about their closeness. The two get into an ugly physical fight. Radha intervenes to stop the two.

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In tonight’s episode, Shan tells Radha that Seelan and Regina are in love. Radha tries calm Shan down. She tells him that he has no right to interfere in their relationship as it is their choice. Later, Radha gets a lead; They receive the address of the killer. When they reach the house, they find that the killer has escaped and has left a camera for them.

When Shan checks the camera, he sees pictures of his sister and panics. He goes home and finds Vidya missing. Shan then calls Radha and they search for her in the vicinity. Meanwhile, it turns out that Vidya’s stalker, Pravin is the rapist who abducted her. Will Vidya be able to escape from this situation? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here’s what you need to know about Vettai. After Dayanithi, the leader of a special task force, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Vettai, Mugilan, Nanda, Seelan and Radha pick up the case to unearth the mystery behind the murder. Will they be able to resolve the complicated case or is there a twist to the whole situation? The series, starring Shabir, Sathish, Gunala and Gayathiri Segaran in the pivotal roles, is a crime-drama based on real-life cases from Singapore.

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