Vikrant Massey Bday Special: 5 Love Lessons The Actor Taught Us In Broken But Beautiful

Vikrant Massey turns a year older on 3 April. The actor has showed his fans the power of true love. Take a look at the lessons Massey Sahib taught us!

Vikrant made us believe in the power of true love

Vikrant Massey
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Vikrant Massey, who is a well-known actor in the television industry, has now become a household name. The actor turns a year older on 3 April and has done several movies, TV shows and web series. Massey has gained enormous popularity with his contribution to the Hindi entertainment industry.

He’s not only the star of ZEE5 Original series, Broken But Beautiful 2 but he also recently got engaged to his girlfriend Sheetal Thakur, of Shukranu fame, in a private ceremony. The couple, who worked together on the show’s first season is all set to get married in 2020. Vikrant essayed the role of Veer in the ZEE5 Original series and won hearts with his terrific performance. The show is created and developed by Ekta Kapoor, written by Reshu Nath and directed by Santosh Singh. On his birthday, here are 5 love lessons that Vikrant Massey taught us in Broken But Beautiful season 1.

1. It's okay to mourn, but you got to move on

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In the series, Veer lost his wife Alina in a road accident 3 years ago. However, he has not been able to cope with the grief of his lost love. His pain makes him hallucinateand talk to his dead wife. Veer was head over heels with his ladylove and cannot accept the fact that she is no longer alive.

2. Broken hearts can be healed

Broken But Beautiful Season 2 Review
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Veer was the one who taught us that broken hearts can be healed with time. In the series, Veer who was unable to cope with the grief of his wife’s death starts hallucinating. On the other hand, Samira is unable to come to terms that her boyfriend parted ways with her. She starts following him and pines for him. While Kartik, her former lover begins to call her a psycho. The series showcases how Veer and Samira cross paths and how the two heal each other. “Sometimes, in order to fix a broken heart, you need pieces from another broken heart,” Massey said.

3. Always cherish the person you love

Broken But Beautiful season 2 music review
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After Alina’s death, Veer did not move ahead in his life but fell more in love with her. But after he fell in love with Samira, his whole life began to revolve around her. Veer teaches every lover that we should cherish the person we love in our hearts above anyone else.

4. Try to make up for your past mistakes

Broken but Beautiful
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After falling in love with Samira, Veer changes completely as a person. He tries to make up for his past mistakes after realizing that he did not do enough justice to his previous relationship. Veer promises to go miles for his love to showcase every emotion and affection towards his partner.

5. Leave the baggage of the past behind

Broken but Beautiful season 1
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In season 1 of the series, we see how Veer and Samira unknowingly hold onto their pain of heartbreak. The two souls find out that despite giving themselves a lot of time and space, they have been unsuccessful in healing their hearts. Veer makes teenagers understand that it is important to leave the baggage of the past behind and move on in life.

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