Vin Rana Opens Up On His First Web Series Poison 2 And Upcoming Twists On Kumkum Bhagya

Vin Rana makes his digital debut with ZEE5 Original Series Poison 2. The Kumkum Bhagya actor also reveals if he will bring Pragya and Abhi together.

Vin Rana Of Kumkum Bhagya Joins Poison 2

Vin Rana who plays the role of Purab on Kumkum Bhagya is set to make his mark in the digital space with Poison 2. The first season of Poison was one of the most-watched series on ZEE5 in the past year. This season, Aftab Shivdasani takes over as the leading man with a completely different story and Vin Rana plays a vital role. We chat with the Kumkum Bhagya actor before he goes off to shoot for his first web project.

Watch the logo reveal for Poison 2 here.

1. How does it feel being a part of Poison 2? 

It feels great because people love this series and the cast is quite good. I feel like exploring different kinds of roles and Poison is a good place to start.

2. Can you tells us more about the character you are playing? We’ve heard that he is a geek and a bisexual?

I don’t know about geeky and bisexual, but he is surely interesting. I can tell you that my character is selfish and he will do anything to get what he wants. There is a bisexual character on the show but I don’t think I have any intimate scenes with that character. There are quite a few such scenes with women though.

3. Have you started shooting for Poison 2 yet? How has the experience been? 

I haven’t started shooting properly yet. I have only shot for one scene till now. I think my real shoot starts from 6 February 2020, but the first day was good. It was different from my usual experiences on Kumkum Bhagya.

4. Speaking of Kumkum Bhagya, do you feel Purab will ever leave Aliya to be with Disha? 

I don’t think Purab has ever stopped loving Disha, even though he is still with Aliya. I definitely think Purab can one day leave Aliya and go to Disha because he is that kind of a person.

6. Since you are caught between Aliya and Disha, which kind of girl would you choose for your son Aryan on the show?

I think Aryan is a sincere kid and he cares about people. I would suggest him to find a girl more like Disha, because as his father I would only want what’s best for him.

5. In last week’s episode, you tried to get Abhi and Pragya together for a date. Will you be trying anything to bring them together soon? 

See, right now I have not shot much for Kumkum Bhagya because I’ve given my dates for Poison 2. But once I go back I think I will be trying something like that soon. Because the whole purpose of Purab’s character I think is to make Abhi and Pragya meet and keep them together. That’s what his character will be till the show ends I think.

Watch out for Poison 2, slated to release on 30 April 2020. Until then check out the ZEE5 Original Series ‘Fixerr‘ with another Kumkum Bhagya star, Shabir Ahluwalia; streaming on ZEE5.