Virgin Bhanupriya: How Open Are We To Premarital Sex In India?

Indians are known to have discouraging views about having sex before marriage. Explore this dilemma further with Virgin Bhanupriya!

Virgin Bhanupriya

In a country where conservative views still prevail there are many segments of the society that believe it is okay, in fact, natural to have sex before marriage. The educated youth of this country believes that virginity should not be the ground on which a marriage can be broken off or a person’s character should be judged. This is explained clearly in the new ZEE5 movie, Virgin Bhanupriya.

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In India, sex is seen as a taboo, to be covertly kept between the people engaging in it. For generations, we have succumbed under this peer pressure and not let people explore this part of themselves. This is more prominent for women and minority groups like the LGBTQ community. A same-sex relationship is seen as a sin so you cannot imagine someone like that confessing to having sex and not being degraded or disowned by their own community.

This is because the control over one’s sexuality means control over them. From childhood, people are told to behave in a certain way that conforms to their gender. Both genders are raised differently without ever knowing the right away around their bodies because no one talks about it. It’s a “hush, hush” subject. Boys and girls know without knowing properly what sex is but their curiosity never stops at the door of the house. They start exploring themselves, without being guided, probably confused and frustrated about the changes happening in their bodies, and end up in bad situations.

This reconfirms the belief that sex before marriage is not good. These beliefs move in a vicious circle that can only be broken if children are given proper sex education while growing up. And that will happen only when this generation accepts that its time to leave the conservative thoughts behind and talk about sex and see it like the natural thing it is.

You can explore more aspects of this subject with Bhanupriya aka Urvashi Rautela in the movie Virgin Bhanupriya. This story of a conservative girl trying to break her boundaries and her virginity will help you overcome false beliefs and also make you laugh and cry. This comedy-drama also stars Gautam Gulati, Archana Puran Singh, Delnaaz Irani, Rumana Molla, Rajiv Gupta and Brijendra Kala in supporting roles.

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