Virgin Bhanupriya: Signs Every Indian Girl Will Relate With Bhanupriya

Just like sex and speaking about sex is a taboo, there are many things that Indian girls are expected to do and not do.

Virgin Bhanupriya

Virgin Bhanupriya is a comedy film which is directed by Ajay Lohan and produced by Shreyans Mahendra Dhariwal. The comedy-drama stars Urvashi Rautela in the lead role, along with Gautam Gulati, Archana Puran Singh, Delnaaz Irani, Rajiv Gupta, Brijendra Kala, Niki Aneja Walia and Rumana Molla. The story of the film revolves around Bhanupriya, who is a shy, nerdy college-going conservative girl who wants to lose her virginity, but fails at every attempt. What will she do to achieve her dreams? While Bhanupriya has her own desires, there are things that are expected of girls in our country. Just like sex and speaking about sex is a taboo, there are many things that Indian girls are expected to do and not do. Here is a list of things you will relate to if you are a from a conservative family just like Bhanupriya. Take a look:

1. Girls should not mix with boys

Well, this is what every parent teaches their girls that hanging out with boys is not good for her life. The only men that she can be seen with before marriage are her father and brother, who are there to protect her. “Ladke ke sath ghumegi toh duniya kya kahegi?” is what girls are often told.

2. Sex is one of the most sinister things to do before marriage?

Yes, we all must have gone through this phase, where our moms tell us that sex before marriage is a crime. One must indulge in it only when they get married and not before that. Period!

3. Girls should know how to cook

In this progressive world where India is developing, some still believe that the only place for a woman is the kitchen! We want our girls to learn cooking because that’s a woman’s thing to do and not a man’s job. Girls are often told that it will be easy for her to win her husband’s heart by cooking delicious meals. Education, sports, nothing matters, what matters is if a girl knows cooking!

4. Girls should choose home] and family over their careers

“Job kar ke ladkiya bigaad jati hai” is a notion some section of our society still believes in. In this Indian society, girls are always told to focus on their family, houses, husband and ignore their respective careers. What is more important is to do the household chores rather than excelling at what they are best at.

5.  Divorce is a crime

“Divorce logi toh log kya sochenge, shadi matlab compromise, adjustment har ladki ko karna padhta hai”. In India, parents often tell their daughters to never get separated or get a divorce as society will never accept them. After all, a dead daughter is preferred any day over a divorced daughter. That’s the sad truth.

6. Virginity is a gift for your husband

More than trust, love, understanding, respect what matters is if a girl is virgin as her virginity is one of the biggest gifts her husband will get from her.

7. Girls are not supposed to enjoy sex

Well, sex being a taboo in society, parents never discuss this topic with their kids. They teach them that ‘sex’ can be enjoyed and demanded by men and women are not supposed to enjoy it.

8. Women who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol are loose

Our Indian society allows men to do what they want to but women are still fighting for their independence. Girls are always told to not smoke or drink as society has certain unspoken rules which say if a girl is drinking or smoking she is asking for it as there is no concept of consent required.

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