Vishal And Prasanna Show How Tandem Workout With Buddies Can Make Gym A Fun Place

Here's how Thupparivaalan stars Prasanna and Vishal are keeping their gym sessions lively.

Prasanna and Vishal on Instagram

Thupparivaalan stars Vishal and Prasanna got together earlier this month to hit the gym. The two actors, along with their third buddy, Munna Simon, chose to try a tandem workout. Here’s something not many of us were aware of, the two actors are actually gym buddies. Prasanna, Vishal and Munna Simon, who are great friends, took their friendship to the next level as they chose to add some friendly competition to their workout session. Needless to say, the videos of the three are definitely inspiring us to take our friends out for some gym session!

Watch Prasanna in Thiravam, right here.

Captioning the series of videos as “That’s how ur HIIT goes when u have a good company! #Mano&Kani in the gym between a serious investigation with a good friend @munnasimon” by Prasanna, the three actors are seen engaging in some intense workout. Right from rhythmic and coordinated push-ups to sweating it out by doing cardio, the three actors seem to be having a very good time! Besides, cross-fit really seems to have left the guys gasping for breath. But hey, who wouldn’t enjoy a gym session if one has good company? Prasanna’s videos are certainly inspiring as it does make us want to pick up our shoes, knock on our friend’s door and drag them to the gym for a fun workout session!

Thupparivaalan is a 2017 Tamil hit film starring Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay Rai, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah and Simran in pivotal roles. The plot of the film revolves around Kaniyan, a detective based out of Visakhapatnam, who has been asked to investigate the murder of a dog by a young lad named Naveen. The investigation soon turns into something unexpected and scary as Naveen’s dog’s death leads Kaniyan to a bigger conspiracy. A conspiracy involving a deadly assassin. With the help of his associate, Manohar, the two men try to knock down the real culprit. The movie has been directed by Mysskin and has received a tremendously good response!

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