Wait Up For ZEE5 Original Film Hey Bhogoban, A Hilarious Comedy Starring Saurav Das

What do you do when you are upset with God? Ask Simpi.


Imagine a situation when you are so upset with someone that you would do anything to make that person’s life hell? Now imagine the person you are terribly unhappy with happens to be God. What do you do then? Do you shrug and move on? Well, that’s not the case in the latest ZEE5 Original movie Hey Bhogoban. This hilarious comedy will make your sides ache as you burst out laughing. Directed by Rajdeep Ghosh, this latest Bengali movie is all set to launch on December 22, adding to the festive cheer. Watch the trailer below.

The movie stars Saurav Das (you can also watch him in the ZEE5 Original series Bhalobashar Shohor – Kolkatar Kobitara), Rupsha Chakraborty and Arindam Ganguly in the lead roles.

Saurav Das in Hey Bhogoban (Source: ZEE5)

Hey Bhogoban is the story of a young woman called Simpi. She nurses a grudge against God ever since she lost her parents when she was still a child. However, despite being an atheist, she resorts to performing pujas as means to earn her living. But guess what she does? She chants all the wrong mantras. This does go well with the Gods. The chief among gods, Krishna, sends his assistant Madan, the god of love, to turn Simpi into a believer. What transpires next is a hilarious chain of events, helping a God and a human being bond, each finding new meaning to their existence.

If laugh-out-loud comedies are what you love to watch, this one will be right up your alley. Fill up your Sunday with your favourite people and family with love and laughter as you watch this latest Bengali movie.

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