Want Filter Coffee Liquor Cha Star Priyanka Sarkar’s Boots? Buy Them For Under 2K!

Priyanka is slaying in these trendy knee-length boots. Check out similar styles and buy them now.


What we love about ZEE5 Original film Filter Coffee Liquor Cha actor Priyanka Sarkar is her chic sense of style. Her latest Instagram picture is proof of that. She looks flawless in slick black boots which she has teamed with a dress. Priyanka’s style game is always a notch higher than the rest and she sets trends by sporting the right accessories and footwear with her outfits to make them stand out.

Watch her in Filter Coffee Liquor Cha below.

Like Priyanka’s boots? Here are some you can buy without breaking the bank. These are also perfect for rocking any occasion — be it a regular working day or a weekend party. Check them out here.

Ankle-length boots: To add a ‘wow element’ to your daily style, you can wear ankle-length or calf-length boots. These can be paired with blue torn jeans to add a rugged look to your style or can be flaunted with a cute dress.

Furry boots: Winters are all about sporting fashionable fur jackets and hoodies. So, why not go for furry boots? You can buy these stylish pair of fur boots and keep your feet cozy. And these won’t add any stress on your wallet either.

Denim boots: One fabric that never goes out of style is denim. When worn as boots, denim helps add a fun, playful look to your attire and also provides comfort to your feet. Let the highlight of your day be you getting compliments for your sweet denim boots.

Leather boots: We would love it if you go a little kind on animals and get a faux leather boot though. If you’re looking to play safe and wish to opt for a classy look, then leather is your best. Leather boots are available in varied colours to match with all your outfits. You can sport a jacket to complete the look.

High-heeled boots: Just when you were wondering how you can justify your love for high heels while experimenting with boots, high heeled boots are your answer! Even ethnic outfits, like kurtis, can be paired with such boots if you’re opting for a fresh, fusion look. You can complete the outfit by adding chunky earrings.

So, are you ready to get yourself a pair of funky boots and be as stylish as Priyanka? Tell us which of these do you like the most, in the comments section below!

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