Watch Ramayana With Your Little One On ZEE5 Kids And Relive Your Own Childhood Memories

Ramayana is one of the fondest memories that most of us treasure in our h.earts. Let's watch it again with our kids to teach them important values.


If you are an 80s and 90s kid, then Ramayana probably played a big part in your childhood memories, whether it be hearing mythological stories from grandmothers or tuning in every Sunday morning after breakfast to watch Ramayana on television. And if you still have fond memories of it, then we bet your child will also love being introduced to the story of Lord Rama. And ZEE5 Kids has the perfect content to help you in that aspect.

With schools and nurseries closed all around the world to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are facing the challenge to keep their kids entertained for hours at home. Introducing the ZEE5 Kids, a separate section on the streaming platform ZEE5, that features child-friendly content exclusively so that your kid may be educated and entertained during the lockdown too. It has plenty of kids’ films in its catalogue; and the genres consist of action, adventure, sci-fi, drama, comedy, mythological, inspirational to superhero and fantasy. And Ramayana is one of them.

Can’t wait to log in to ZEE5? Watch Ramayana here: 

This nostalgia-inducing adaptation that takes you back to the time when you first watched it. But it´s also a three-dimensional animated version with colourful imagery, which would help in introducing an epic like the Ramyana to your child in an easy and interesting manner. The best part is that you have the option to watch the movie in both Tamil and English.

The film begins with the introduction of King Dasharath and his family and then subsequently moves onto Lord Rama being sent in exile. The movie is done in 3d animation with nicely crafted action scenes, like Hanuman flying to Lanka or the close capture shots of Mareecha disguised as a deer and running away from Lord Rama. Good background music score brings the drama and excitement alive and will keep your child glued to the screen.

So take some time off from your chores this weekend and sit down with your kid to watch Ramayana together. It will be a memorable experience for both and will leave you filled with nostalgia. Stay tuned as we will bring you more such movies that will make you want to go back to your childhood and relive those days!

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