We Need Only Two Words To Get You Hooked To The ZEE5 Original Show Police Diary 2.0

And those are 'True' crime and 'Intense' drama. Read on to know more about this ZEE5 Tamil Original that has now been dubbed in Telugu

Police Diary 2.0

If the thought of ‘how to spend my time’ has been haunting you lately, we have a quick fix. While there are plenty of shows, films and original series that you can pick from, we recommend Police Diary 2.0. The show is an intense drama that is based on not one or 10, but 52 true crime stories. This adaptation will keep you engaged and hooked to the screens.

Watch the trailer of Police Diary 2.0 here:

Police Diary 2.0 is a ZEE5 Original show, which first released in Tamil. It is now available in several languages and Telugu is here to save your day. The show is led by two groups of young police officers who form special task forces. Given the increasing rate of crime, this task force has special orders that allow them to kill criminals and Naxalites without having to second guess their immediate decision.

A Still from Police Diary 2.0
A Still from Police Diary 2.0

In the show, this group digs into the case and solves 52 heinous crimes, out of which each crime is divided over two episodes. So far, there are 20 episodes available for streaming, and each week, two more episodes will be here to keep you going. The makers of the show have said that they would want the viewers to take away lessons and tricks on being safe and cautious.

A Still from Police Diary 2.0
A Still from Police Diary 2.0

Directed by several noted directors, the show features Vincent Asokan, Santosh Prathap, Anjana Jayaprakash, and Balaji Mohan. It is produced by actor-turned-producer Kutty Padmini who previously turned producer for ZEE5 original show, Alarm starring Prem Kumar, Girija, Anjali Rao and Subadhra.

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