Watch ZEE5 Original What’s Up Kelasagaarti To Lift Your Spirits Instantly

The tightly woven script and quirky characters will strike a chord with you

What’s Up Kelasagaarti

What’s up Kelasagaarti is a ZEE5 Kannada original series that stars Dhanya Balakrishna, Rakendu Mouli and Abhirami Iyer. The story is about Jessi who is a tech-savvy, modern maid. She is also an integral part of her master Natraj’s life. Things take a turn when Natraj’s newly-wed wife develops envy towards Jessi’s charming personality and the chemistry that she shares with Natraj.

Written by Ramnath Venkataraman, What’s Up Kelasagaarti has received a hoard of compliments for the intriguing content it entails and stellar performances by the cast which makes this series a must-watch! It comprises 12 episodes of around 20 minutes each and we can promise you that once you start watching it, there is no stopping. While the script is absolutely well-written, its quirky characters surely add the much-needed spice to the plot.

A still from What’s Up Kelasagaarti
A still from What’s Up Kelasagaarti

Speaking of characters, Jesse’s role has been designed in the most creative manner to make her a house help that one would have never seen before. While she plays a maid, she is also naturally smart and tech-savvy which adds the spark to her personality. This also plays out to be the crux of all the twists and turns that come about in the show. According to critics, the highlight of the show are its fleshed-out characters who all have a personality that sets one apart from another. From Nataraj to his wife, or even Bhairava aka Bye who plays the annoying neighbour, each has an aura to their role that brings this show together.

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