What Is It That Keeps Priya Bapat Going In These Testing Times? Find Out Inside!

Interested to find out what the Vazandar actress does to cope with difficult times like these? Read on to know!

Priya Bapat
The entire world is staying indoors during the lockdown to avoid the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. It’s becoming difficult for everyone to get over such trying times. Celebrities, too, seem to be finding trouble adjusting to life in the new normal. However, Priya Bapat seems to have found her way out of this situation. The actress recently shared a post on her Instagram account revealing that there are some things she does to keep herself going during these testing times. Interested to find out what it is? Keep reading to know more.

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The Kaksparsh actress has always tried to enlighten her fans by sharing with them a glimpse of what happens behind all the glitz and glam. She has never shied away from openly discussing sensitive topics like menstrual cramps and mental health. The talented actress has also been focusing more on her fitness and health amid the lockdown. Anyone who’s an ardent follower of Priya is aware of the actress’s love for fitness. Priya recently happened to upload yet another photo from her routine fitness session. The actress revealed in the caption that she woke up early for an outdoor running session. Priya shared that family support, reading books, and such outdoor workouts are the only things that have kept her going even during such difficult times. The 33-year-old actress also stressed upon the importance of getting a good night’s sleep without any scary dreams, anxieties, or fears that made her feel fresh and positive to go for an early morning workout.

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