What Is The Internet Trend That Lets Priyanka Sarkar Play With Various Animals At Home?

Wish you could play with all kinds of animals at home without having to step out? Check out this game the lovely actor has brought to our attention.

Priyanka Sarkar

Priyanka Sarkar, the gorgeous actor who previously starred in Raj Chakraborty’s Chirodini Tumi Je Amar as well as the ZEE5 Original film Filter Coffee Liquor Cha, has unearthed an amazing way for animal lovers and anyone who wants some entertainment while at home, to have some fun! She has even posted it on her social media page for us.

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Meanwhile in our quarantine… We are befriending horses, lions, tigers, bears… feeding eagles…swimming with sharks and catching up with penguins and wolves… Honest. This is not an attempt at pulling an April 1st prank…😈 You can do the same yourselves…😇 For those with children, this has kept us quite busy. If you type an animals name into Google (on an iPhone or Android) and then press ‘View in 3D’. It brings up your camera and then 30 seconds later you have a tiger in your house! You can take a photo of the kids with them and they can walk around it. You can also find a: Lion Tiger Cheetah Shark Hedgehog Duck Emperor penguin Wolf Angler fish Goat Rottweiler Snakes Eagle Brown bear Alligator Horse Shetland pony Macaw Pug Turtle Cat Octopus Dog Golden Retriever #LetsStaySane #StaySafe #StayHome

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Look at how Priyanka seems to have an entire zoo inside her house! Isn’t that incredible? As she also explains in her caption, her family is now “befriending horses, lions, tigers, bears… feeding eagles…swimming with sharks and catching up with penguins and wolves…” during this period of quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic. As she hilariously adds, it is not an attempt at pulling an April Fools’ prank, so try it out for yourself!

Simply type in the name of any animal of your choice into Google on an Android phone or iPhone, and press ‘View in 3D.’ The camera will get brought up and after 30 seconds, you’ll have the animal in your house! This is an especially great trick if you have children at home who want to play and keep themselves amused. And if you’re at home alone, this is a great way to keep some virtual company! Some examples of animals you can try typing in are lion, tiger, cheetah, shark, hedgehog, duck, dog, golden retriever, cat, Emperor penguin, and the list goes on.

So take out your phone and get ready to have some fun in this unique way!

How excited are you to try this innovative little trick? Let us know in the comment section below!

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