What Would Happen If You Received A Letter 23 Years Later? Watch Postman’s Journey On ZEE5

If you are done with your watch-list and are racking your brain over the next binge-watch worthy show - here comes Postman to your rescue.


Several days have passed and we have been locked inside our rooms. Our watch list has been shortening, and even disappearing in some cases. And yet, there seems to be no going outside, anytime soon. So, how do we get through it? Well, the answer is simple – discover! From your forgotten hobby or your hidden talent to amazing content. The internet is your oyster. And today, we bring one more piece of the internet’s wonder to you – ZEE5 Original Postman.

Watch the show here:

Postman is a Tamil-language ZEE5 show which is now available in Telugu, too. The show has an interesting and never-before-seen concept that is sure to grab all eyeballs. More importantly, all Rajinikanth fans will find a special connection with the show, because he plays an important role without even being present. And we all know that only the Thailavar can do that.

Raja in Postman
Raja in Postman

The story revolves around a middle-class lad, Raja, who is a postman by profession. One special evening, in his heydays, he leaves his duty unfinished to get the last show of Rajinikanth’s Baasha. Having enjoyed his film through and through, Raja meets with an accident on his way home. Despite receiving the treatment, Raja slips into a state of coma. His daughter, Rajini, takes care of her unconscious and elderly father as she grows up to be an adult herself. She does it for 23 years, until one day Raja wakes up.

Rajini in Postman
Rajini in Postman

It takes some time, but Raja decides to finish what he had put on a back-burner, 23 years ago. Rajini partners with her father and helps him deliver eight letters to the respective people. From much-needed answers to unsolved mysteries, these letters evoke many unfinished chapters. Raja, Rajini and the people who receive these letters join hands and close these chapters, through the episodes.

Watch all the ten episodes of this show and let us know how intrigued and hooked you were.

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