When Lockdown Brought Out The Multitasking Cinderella In Us!

Read more to understand why our life during lockdown is quite similar to Cinderella's life story. Revisit the show on ZEE5 while doing the chores!

Cinderella on ZEE5

Imagine a dream; a dream where you meet the perfect partner. The one you have been dreaming forever about. With gleaming eyes and a face that lit up with a smile, walking towards us. With eyes full of love they stand in front of you. This is the kind of love that we always dreamt about or only seen in movies. Happiness, that’s the only emotion we feel as we imagine right? But suddenly, it starts to get all sweaty? The romantic moment instantly becomes a struggle, we see that person fading away. And then you wake up! How many of us have had dreams like this? I bet many. But that’s how it is, this lockdown has made us dreamers for sure.

Like every other regular day, we wake up to the noise of banging utensils, all sweaty with the fan turned off by our mother. Rolling out of the bed we check the time and realise that we are late already. While we begin our day with our usual routine, most of us already can hear our mother grumble about us being good-for-nothing. Well, with the lockdown locking us indoors, we have started to feel nothing less than one of the princesses from the fairy tales; not the part where they meet the prince, but the part where they are stuck with step-mothers who ill-treat those beautiful, delicate little creatures. Coming to think of it, don’t we relate more with ZEE5’s Cinderella? Yeah, the beautiful princess, who was known for her fabled glass slippers. Yes, she is the one. Wondering how? Let us explain.

Our day begins with us cleaning the house, while constantly being criticised by our mother for not doing it well enough. From dusting cobwebs to sweeping every corner spotless clean, all the tasks have to be finished on time. Next in line is our boss, ready to sweep me off the floor with new tasks collated especially for our abilities. The moment we part ways with our laptop for a breakfast break, the phone screams for our attention with the numerous notifications flashing on the screen. After replying to all the important ‘Good Mornings’ and ignoring the forwarded ones on family groups, we manage a quick shower and begin our ‘special tasks’.

As the day dawns, it’s time for lunch. While we may not be a real princess, but we do have a special call arranged for us, that’s our mother yelling at us, more of clanging dishes and the beeps of the microwave. Post lunch is the only time we get with ourself, and of course our love, the dishes. The only task our mothers entrust us with is that. While we spend time scrubbing the dishes and imagining how our life would have been if we were Cinderella for real. Wait wait, not from the start though, only from the part where she meets her prince charming and lives happily ever after. Clouding our happy thoughts is the reality, which shows us that we really are Cinderella, but the overworked one, the one who sweeps the floors endlessly, takes care of the family, cooks meals, scrubs the dishes and makes presentations to impress the bosses. (Yeah, she did that too!)

Cinderella had a stepmother and two stepsisters to taunt and burden her with work. Who do we have? Why, our own mother, nosy siblings, not so nosy father, a bunch of cheerful colleagues, and the final villain, our dedicated boss? All we lack is a charming/beautiful partner, but our dreams of love can be compared to the pumpkin carriage, present for now but then goes back to nothing soon enough.

Do you relate to Cinderella as much as we do? Watch the movie Cinderella only on ZEE5 with the little members of your family and see who loves it more, them or the lockdown version of you!