Which Group Of Friends From ZEE5 Originals Resembles Your Own Group?

If you are missing hanging out with your best friends during lockdown, these ZEE5 original series about friendships will lift your spirits.

Stories of friendship on ZEE5

Stories of Friendships like REJCTX on ZEE5 Shows
Source: ZEE5

While you stay connected to your friends with video calls and text messages, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hanging out with your best friends. These ZEE5 Original series will remind you of the fun, drama, endless talks and complete timepass with your friends, that you are missing out on.


Rejctx Trailer on ZEE5
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REJCTX is the story of seven high-school teenagers who come together and form a band. If you had a big group of friends in school, or you were part of a band in school or college, you will find yourself relating to the drama and twists in this coming of age thriller.

Watch the trailer for season 2 of REJCTX here.

2. Life Sahi Hai

Life Sahi Hai
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Life Sahi Hai, is the story of three bachelors living together, brought to you from the makers of Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Need we say more? If you have a group of guys who will always have your back, and know you too well, you will definitely relate to the characters in this series.

3. Ragini MMS Returns Season 2

Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 Trailer
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Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 is about a girls trip gone wrong. This series starring Divya Agarwal as Ragini sees her going to a vintage hotel with her friends for a bachelorette trip. The hotel turns out to be haunted but the girls also have secrets from each other. This friend’s group has the influencer, the boisterous friend and other characters you will definitely find in your girl gang.

4. Fittrat

Krystle D'souza and Anushka Ranjanl in Fittrat still
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Sometimes you don’t need a whole group of friends, one great friend is all you need. Fittrat tells the story of Amy and Tarini, who are best friends from childhood. No matter who they become friends with later in life, nothing can disturb their friendship not even Amy’s lying fiance.

5. Ishq Aaj Kal

Ishq Aaj Kal season 2
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In Ishq Aaj Kal, when Alia (Ankita Sharma) leaves her hometown to work in Mumbai she doesn’t have any friend. Her colleagues at work end up becoming the friends she is closest with. She finds comfort, drama and love all within her group of colleagues. Some of them even help her find her father who is wrongly put in jail.

6. Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Never Kiss Your Best Friend teaser poster
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In Never Kiss Your Best Friend, Sumer (Nakuul Mehta) and Tanie (Anya Singh), are neighbours, who become friends and end up going to the same college too. They often hang out at each other’s house, and even give each other their bedrooms to sneak their boyfriends/girlfriends into. If that isn’t friendship then what is?

Tell us what you miss the most about being with your best friends, in the comments below. Watch the second season of REJCTX on ZEE5, from May 14, 2020.