5 Reasons Why You Should Binge-Watch The ZEE5 Original REJCTX 2 This May

We met the #REJCTX now we'll meet the X in #REJCTX2. The ZEE5 Original will see Sumeet Vyas and Esha Gupta sharing screen space for the first time.

REJCTX 2 is set to release soon on ZEE5

The first season of REJCTX ended on a cliffhanger with the sound of a gunshot, but without revealing who shot the bullet or the identity of the victim. This web series is a mix of teenage angst, romance, music, and politics making it an all-out entertainer. If you missed out on the first season of this you can watch a quick recap on ZEE5.

Once again, directed by Goldie Behl, the second season promises to be even more exciting with the police investigation angle. Esha Gupta is set to play the role of Officer Rene. She will be seen investigating the students played by Anisha Victor, Shraddha Singh, Ayush Khurana, Prabhneet Singh, Pooja Sundar Shetty, Saadhika Syal, Ahmed Masi Wali, Ridhi Khakhar and the new student Tanvi Shinde.Here are five reasons we are excited about the upcoming season of this series.

But first a teaser of RECTX 2 on ZEE5.

Sumeet Vyas and Esha Gupta's first collaboration

Sumeet Vyas and Esha Gupta in Rejctx 2
Source: ZEE5

Sumeet Vyas has worked extensively in web series and digital content, and Esha Gupta is making her digital debut. This series sees them working together, and sharing screen space for the first time. Sumeet Vyas continues in his role as Principal Hussain and Esha Gupta plays Officer Rene.

Meeting the high school bunch of REJCTX

The high school group from Rejctx 2
Source: Instagram

REJCTX will once again enter the lives of the high school hip-hop group of friends. This season will see their friendship being put through another tough test. The first season talked about problems that begin in teenagers like body image issues, sexuality, bullying. We can’t wait to see which other aspect of high school life is shown in the new season.

Goldie Behl's return as a director

A still from REJCTX featuring Goldie Behl, Sadhiya Syal, Pooja Shetty
(Source: ZEE5)

Goldie Behl directed and wrote the first season of this series. He returns for the second season and we can’t wait to see how he takes the story forward in the new season and find out who is Mr X. No one would be able to present and deal with the story of REJCTX quite like he can.

A story of scandal and betrayal

Esha Gupta in a scene from Rejctx2
Source: Instagram

One criticism of the first season could be that it was the story of privileged students. In the upcoming season, Esha Gupta’s character seems to be reminding the characters of their privilege and making sure that they don’t get away with whatever they want. An interesting layer will be added to the story.

Ankur Tewari as music composer

Ankur Tewari music composer for Rejctx 2
Source: Instagram

The composer for the first season of REJCTX was the super talented Sneha Khanwalkar who delivered unique songs like Dopamine and Who The F**k Are You. The songs for the second season is composed by Ankur Tewari, who has established himself as a voice for the young generation as the music supervisor for Gully Boy.

Which was your favourite song from REJCTX season 1? Let us know in the comments below.